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SOLA has been a regular name drum and bass lately popping off releases left and right on labels throughout the scene from their own imprint Grand Theft Audio Recordings to others like Play Me Records, Jungle Tings Audio, Boomslang Recordings and more. This week the tremendous trio brings their kind of carnage to Korsakov Music with the ‘End of the World EP’; a more aggressive, floor stomping vibe than we’ve probably heard from SOLA so far. Incorporating the talents of Tengu, Vio.let and Stuart Rowe into the album brings an immense amount of diversity making the ‘End of the World EP’ desirable beyond belief. Get ready to get UP because this one hits like a truck!

APOCALYPSE ft. Vio.let

Tension is thick in the air as bone chilling strings strike up a patiently moody build. Vio.let brings the violence to this “Apocalypse” as the energy rises through a screaming symphony of strings with the snares snapping in charging powerfully to the drop. A funky dance floor groove unwinds with a pungent neuro punch to boost the vibe into overdrive. Burly basslines twist and climb as the strings shriek through the mix with electrifying force. A technically sound bouncy rhythm runs strong tying it all up as the effects pop and bump. “Apocalypse” from SOLA ft. Vio.let incorporates exciting, new elements into their style amping up the punch with an emotional tune to sway the mood and make the floor move!


Manic melodies bring instant intensity to “Scorched Earth” swirling in a whirlwind through the build with an anxious flow, the bass trembling below. The energy rises and with SOLA teaming up with Tengu you can imagine a serious stomping is about to ensue and the suspense is peaked through the room. A big bass drop then “Scorched Earth” unwinds and unfathomable beats fly fearlessly in a belligerent blast as they whip, thrash, stab and slap. The bassline brings it’s own fire to the mix exploding with energy as it surges through. “Scorched Earth” from SOLA and Tengu commands control injecting vehemence to any mix.

IN THE AIR ft. Stuart Rowe

A tranquil build ensues as the melody twinkles “In the Air” carrying a soft, calming vibe to the start of this tune. Stuart Rowe’s vocals slide in to serenade the climb with a buttery smooth verse stretching to the drop, the suspense stirring in the undertones. The energy is on the rise as the drop explodes surging with aggression. Moody basslines twist and thump, the melody crying between burly beats as the vocals continue to carry the narrative weaving through the measures masterfully. “In the Air” is an animated dance floor ballad with a bouncy boost. Stick around for the second drop for sure as SOLA brings more bounce with the four on the floor flare. This one is pure HEAT!


A cinematic build swirls to life with booming effects and a steady drive, slowly teasing new elements into play as the rhythm ravages the composition with brilliantly designed brutal beats winding to the peak. “Calamity” continues to control with an electrifying drop. The basslines dip and dive as funky beats snap along carrying an angry melody with lots of breaks, flips, effects and fills. SOLA means serious business when the half time switch kicks in; A crowd reaction is sure to ensue and they’ve proven there’s no limit on what they can produce!

SOLA‘s ‘End of the World EP’ is out now on Korsakov Music. Grab your copy HERE!


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