Sola – I Still Love You – GTA Recordings

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Spotlight, Tunes

Introduction to this one from the label themselves:

Grand Theft Audio Recordings kick off their decade anniversary celebrations, and 2024, with a bang, offering up this hard hitting dancefloor number by label head honchos Sola and featuring remixes by a mix of newer artists and seasoned pros. Teaming up with Leo Wood, a very well known session vocalist whose delivery is nothing short of breathtaking, Sola’s original version is big, bold and anthemic.
Starting with dreamy soundscapes and light arpeggiated synths over delicate piano keys, the tension builds as the emotion pours out of the vocal with goosebump-inducing cadences.

So onto my views of the release.  The original version of the track has a brillantly excecuted intro which is full of emotion and feel which is just something awesome.  The drop hits you with a wicked dance floor banger which gets your arms in the air, pumping along to the beat.  With some trance synths which mould perfectlywith the energy of the tune.  Love this one and I can’t wait to hear the remixes.

The first remix is up from pyxis and has a really chilled intro, keeping those beautiful vocals.  When it drops it’s such a melodic liquid banger that maintains that chill factor but is deep and soulful at the same time.

Next up we have one from DA TU & Impression which is another liquid beast, this version is a little more uplifting than the previous but no less amazing.  A wonderfully constructed tune that keeps enough variance in the tune to pique your interest.

Last but no means least, we have one from Kosmic Shift which has a nice driven liquid beat that leads you up nicely all the way through the intro to the breakdown before the drop which almost solos the vocal into a brilliantly chilled tune.  

So what amazing tunes to kick off the 10 year celebration of Grand Theft Audio Recordings!  Meticulously produced tunes which are all beautiful pieces of music.

You can get your hands on this release 1st March 2024 by clicking the artwork below, you can pre-order now too!


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