Sola ‘Solaboration EP’ [Grand Theft Audio Recordings]


Sola has a massive release dropping this week on Grand Theft Audio Recordings with brilliant artistry across the board incorporating the talents of vocalists and fellow producers to an amazing array of tracks that are about to transform dance floors across the globe with the ‘Solaboration EP’. Let’s take a look at what each track has to offer as Sola joins forces with influences throughout the scene for a collaboration EP that’s out of this world!

Sola & Jenske “Now or Never” ft. Sammie Hall & Lauren Rose

Twinkling highs frolic through the build paving the path for a voluptuous verse that breaks to entice the melodies as the intro continues to grow. The vocal reignites thirsting for the drop as a bubbly dance floor vibe spills through the composition. Sammie Hall and Lauren Rose lend their silky smooth vocal talents to “Now or Never” while Sola and Jenske enhance this element keeping the sounds crisp and clean with lively beats and humming harmonies that give this beautifully balanced ballad plenty of oomph!

Sola & Corrupted Mind “Rip the Roof Off”

A haze falls upon the build creating a thick tension from the beginning of this track that carries throughout as the synths swirl in among a banshee of beats and sneaky sounds surfacing from the backdrop. A suggestive sample – ‘Rip the Roof Off’ – snaps the basslines to life resonating between blasts of beats barreling to the drop. Basslines tumble and punch in warm, electrifying waves as they engulf the composition with superior force. The melodies meander menacingly and crisp construction of beat patters between Sola and Corrupted Mind literally “Rip the Roof Off”. The track lives up to its name and will not only rip the roof off but bring the walls down as it leaves the floor in a furious state.

Sola & Vektral “Control” ft. Helen K

Soft and sultry, Helen K’s vocals shine creating a comfortable glow as delicate keys play upon kicks that command control amplifying the aggression in search of the drop. A groovy bounce flows as it spirals through the phrases cradling the narrative of this cutting edge dance floor anthem from Sola and Vektral ft. Helen K. Perfect contrast between the pleasantries of the vocals and punchy percussive elements makes “Control” and absolute diamond for the dance floor.

Sola & Shayper “Alone”

Shattered vocals skip through the build as crunchy basslines take control of “Alone”. An additional layer of vocalizations add to the suspense crying out to the drop as the composition begins to fill out. Breaking hard only to rebuild brutally bounding to the drop Sola and Shayper have something dangerous waiting for the floor. Chunky, crunchy broken beats snap and crack ricocheting between vocal snippets that are moody and dark. Assertive beats dominate the mix firing off fierce fills and filthy basslines that feed the beastly machine. “Alone” has an intensely eerie energy that will ravage the rave for sure!

You can get your copy of the ‘Solaboration EP’ this Friday on Grand Theft Audio Recordings. Pre-Order with this link!



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