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The ‘Stars Align LP’ is out now from SOLA on Grand Theft Audio Recordings receiving stellar feedback and rave reviews across the board as SOLA enters the spotlight with their debut album unleashing a masterful collection of music that’s intricately composed covering a bit of all the styles of drum and bass and beyond as their sound continues to evolve through the definition of the music they create.



Gliding into the album “Stars Align” begins with Lauren Rose’s soft, angelic vocals and soothing melodies intertwined with gentle beats winding a fantasy tale through drum and bass as the build swells symphonically. Beautiful dance floor vibes pour from “Stars Align” with groovy harmonies blended flawlessly amidst smooth beats in this energetic composition that will lift the dance floor with its bubbly good vibes.


A more suspenseful intro offers only a slight twinkle in the darkness driving on mystifyingly menacing as the vocal slices like a knife. Punchy beats pop and break between a big, bad monstrous bassline in this deviously dangerous mix. The vocals cut in and out amplifying the energy, enticing the moodiness with a neuro stomp. “Blowback” is a heavyweight track indeed!


“Pico De Gallo” sports a spicy start as horns blast and strings join the build as an ethnic feel is blooming beyond control. The drop dives deep into a diverse display of drum and bass with a bit of everything on the plate. Beats blast above the moaning bassline with a hint of the harmony playing through the mix, an interesting combo terrifically twisted into the composition with the brass blast and… horses! “Pico De Gallo” brings some fun and funky flavor the the mix, a track not to be missed!


Soft melodies ignite the build beckoning the beats to the mix as muffled vocal samples blast through , twisting into a smooth, melodic composition. Bubbly drum patterning and soft basslines are quite the match for a relaxing drive through this sleek dancefloor track, throw on the “Cruise Control” and enjoy the view. The second drop engulfs the room with a tranquil vibe, sending it out on the half time, to slow the pace for a pleasurable ride.


Stytch’d breaks through with an aggressive flow, the beats carrying through the build as synths rise and fall. The drop explodes with wobbly basslines that tumble and climb between the measures. Fiery flare keeps “True Grit” on the move; the lyrics blast with machine gun speed, the drums snap unforgivingly and that funky bassline can’t be beat. Full of amped up attitude “True Grit” is nothing but mood!


A cinematic intro bubbles to life with lively beats and effects that entrance the mood. A solid groove entices the crowd to move before the drop even hits but when it does “Turncloak” rolls out into a technical dream. Clean, well patterned beats shine with scratch effects and basslines popping along. The highs twinkle to balance the tune, “Turncloak” is a track anyone would dance to! The second drop offers a bit of a switch with an intense boost on the funk! These SOLA guys really know what’s up!


A short interlude offers soft keys and breezy effects with percussives that pound with heart stopping beats and a thick orchestral sound. A nice breather to recollect and focus with “The Drift Part 1” as we slide into the second half of the ‘Stars Align LP’ from SOLA on Grand Theft Audio Recordings.


Suspense strikes through deep, dark, dangerous vocals as the build stomps to life with a tribal flare. The beats bang as the orchestra strikes to life. The drop hits in an unexpected fashion flipping the matrix as the highs run anxiously amidst snappy rhythms and swirling effects. “Amazonia” has a serious groove, its a really fun tune playing upon a powerful bassline working those broken beats, SOLA is turning up the heat!!


Swoon worthy synths glide through the build playing upon bright keys as a melody begins to take hold opening the floor for Sammie Hall’s poppy verse to consume control in anticipation of the drop. A bubbly dance floor track unfolds, upbeat and energetic as the drums fizz and pop between bursts of Sammie’s sweet vocals. “Overdrive” is warm, feel good dnb, music to make memories to.


A somewhat dark and frugal intro allows spacious beats to play with punchy horns climbing through the build, growing feverously as the drop comes into focus. More brilliant dancefloor drives this composition with the beats patterned and filled to keep the floor on the move. The bass dips and twists in electrifying fashion, diving amidst the melodies that keep the groove with the funky flow of “Maintain Thine Hue”, comparable to the big name dance floor tunes SOLA knows how to entice the mood!


Echoes through the intro caress Kit Rice’s vocals into the composition as a steady duet builds in tandem with the beats formulating a seamless groove. The vocals carry through the composition, soft and tender, billowing through the measures with a powerful vibe that carries the tune holding on to a friendly, welcoming mood. SOLA masters the rhythm to match the emotion of the vocal and the warm bassline wraps it all together with extra oomph. “Spotlight” is a crafty composition that shows with the SOLA team can do with a softer tune.


Long notes stretch through the build bringing an optimistic vibe to life as the keys shine in a spiral toward the drop. Punchy beats barrage the sound boards as a techy rhythm commands control flowing with a fierce delicacy. “Futuretro” is in a class of its own as more snippets of sub genre influences are pulled into the mix there’s a bit of all flavors of dnb flowing through this track!


Moody effects crawl through the build awakening a ravaging rhythm that grows more intensely with every beat. Burly neurofunk unfolds at the drop, a powerhouse of percussive precision as the bassline bounds between with extreme energy. “Tesla Coils” really punches up the intensity on the LP with its funky force.


The end is here, soft keys illuminate the night as ‘Stars Align’ winds to a close with “The Drift Part 2”. Heart twisting beats rise to life as the harmony glides on soft, sweet, serene vibes to float away into the night. A well orchestrated time flip changes it up in a fun display of talents rising up into the night.

Masterful compositions, intricate instrumental selections, and a bit of all styles and varieties of drum and bass flow through the ‘Stars Align LP’ from SOLA. True masters of the craft they’ve created a timeless collection of music to appease the masses, their passion and dedication are evident in every single track. We can’t wait to see what they bring to life next!

Grab your copy of SOLA’s ‘Stars Align LP’ out NOW on Grand Theft Audio Recordings. CLICK HERE.

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