Solace + Jabaru – Premonition/Titles Are Overrated [Dispatch Recordings]


If you can’t tell, I have some serious love for Dispatch Recordings. Always the providers of some of the best underground sounds, from the likes of BTK (which I covered a few weeks back), Nymfo, Amoss, War, and DLR, it is always to treat to hear what they have on the menu. This week we got some pristine teamwork from the boys Solace and Jabaru. Last seen with their collaboration with Buxx on the label in 2019, the pair have come back with a stunning single that will make you play this on repeat.

Already, Premonition stands as probably one of my stand out tracks for 2020. Starting with ominous sounds and a steady build, this track is just a solid stepper that rolls smoothly. With a staccato bassline with crisp drum work that seems to almost bounce back and forth, this tune has a solid presence in your speakers. However, the piece de resistance comes from the lyrical prowess that comes from MC Kenna. With the low no-nonsense tone of JAKES and the poetic verse of MC Coppa, MC Kenna’s bars synergize perfectly with the music that adds a dynamic pace to it, pushing into overdrive. If that wasn’t enough, an instrumental of the track is also included on the release to double drop with all your favorite tunes. Even without MC Kenna’s bars, this track still hits with tremendous force due to the solid production on Solace and Jabaru’s part.

For B-side business, we have some nastiness. Truth be told, Titles Are Overrated to a degree, but this track is far from it. Showing off the pair’s skill at production, we are introduced to one of the most menacing analog synth arpeggio with the perfect amount of dissonance and harmony. Using the beat with footwork perfection and the swelling bassline, this track is a playground for modulation and effects with the synths fluttering in and out with slight changes in effects. Every aspect of this tune has a little accent on it, from the changing filters on the synths to the grain like sound syncopated with the bass, this track is a stepper that sets itself from the rest.

The international pair show their work and earn full marks. Combined with the lyrical work of MC Kenna, this is one release that is needed for any underground selecta to add some flavor. Grab your copy today folks!


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