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Korsakov Music has been relentlessly driving through releases throughout year and now it’s time for label boss AL/SO and the mighty Sovryn to unleash some fury of their own with the ‘Insanity EP’ dropping this Friday featuring the voluptuous vocal talents of Marianna Ray and Gid Sedgwick as well as Tom Vernon laying down the luscious licks on the electric guitar. Oh yes, you read that right. The ‘Insanity EP’ is transforming drum and bass and teasing new techniques in this unparalleled display of artistry and vision from true pioneers in electronic music. Let’s get intimate with the tracks on the ‘Insanity EP’.

Sovryn & AL/SO recreate the true essence of dance floor drum and bass with Marianna Ray’s angelic vocals and Tom Vernon’s supreme instrumental support on my new personal favorite drum and bass track of all time “Fly”. Magical and majestic this track will mesmerize from beginning to end. A soft melody plays in allowing Marianna Ray’s voice to harmonize angelically through spinning a spine tingling tale sure to hit the floor right in the feels every time. The story swells as the build intensifies the beats driving deeper, this is sensational and we haven’t even reached the drop. Dashing into the dancefloor vibe, dreamy and divine, rhythms ride crisp and clean over upbeat basslines as Tom Vernon shreds on the guitar allowing Marianna’s vocals to carry the twinkle in the track unravelling the alluring tale as the measures flow flawlessly from Sovryn & Al/SO. Just before the break “Fly” detonates into a dazzling solo as Tom Vernon slays the ax seamlessly; this is genuine innovation when it comes to composing dance music and it’s beyond exciting! The second drop delivers even more that’s sure to move the floor and “Fly” is bound to engrave a special place in drum and bass as an exemplary composed track full of spirit and soul.

“Insanity” heats things up even more as Sovryn and AL/SO increase the intensity with the vicarious vocals from Gid Sedgwick and more of Tom Vernon’s tremendous talent on the guitar. “Insanity” is, well, insane as heavy metal melds with drum and bass. Wicked licks from Tom Vernon create a jaw dropping intro as Gid Sedgwick’s vocals tear through the madness, crucifying in their own right with melodic power as the words resonate deep within. Clean snares carry the build as it drops into a powerhouse of dubby infused metal drum and bass. The guitars cry chaotically as the bass WUBBBSSSS deep, there’s definitely some dubstep influence going on here Sovryn and AL/SO are erasing all of the lines when it comes to defining music; “Insanity” is in a class all its own! Another wicked solo winds and grinds and the second drop is mind melting… YOWZA! A serious drum and bass hybrid “Insanity” delivers the delightful pain you’re searching for.

Wrapping up the ‘Insanity EP’ from Sovryn & AL/SO is “Torment” beginning with synthesized keys winding through the intro peacefully tranquil with no warning of the carnage about to ensue. Bassy chords break in as the rhythm builds, ‘you can’t run from this’... Bouncy basslines beat mechanically smashing deep tones as they ricochet and rise. There is crisp funk in the vibe and groovy dance floor energy springing to life as the effects break and bend. There’s more variation in the composition moving this track into a colorful mix which results in “Torment” being anything but agonizing to play.

Sovryn & AL/SO have dramatically redeveloped drum and bass in the blink of an eye with the “Insanity EP” making this collaboration one of a kind. With the superior selections of Marianna Ray, Gid Sedgwick and Tom Vernon lending their skills to the project this unique and extraordinary display of dance music will inspire and intensify artists for ages. Pre-Order your copy now! 

That’s not all Korsakov Music has done or will do this year in the slightest. Be sure to check out Sovryn’s ‘Static Vision EP’ that rocked the airwaves earlier this year. There’s also a lengthy list of epic releases coming through including some more FUTURE STARS in the making with a very near Volume 2 (remember how much Volume 1 smashed??) as well as something else from Korsakov’s AL/SO and crew. Perhaps a new fit on that Hypersonic EP madness from last year?? You’ll hear all about it as soon as I can tell you! Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass for all the latest on Korsakov Music and more.






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