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From Bass House to DnB Sovryn, formerly known as Barely Royal, has switched gears diving deep into the drum and bass scene now signed exclusively to Korsakov Music. Having seen great success in his previous productions Sovryn is about to make some waves as he rises in the ranks with the ‘Static Vision EP’ dropping this Friday. Full of variety and diversity there’s something for everyone packaged in this release.

Title track “Static Vision” emphasizes harmonics on the intro as the strings carry the melody welcoming the vocal artistry of Gid Sedgwick to roll in emotive and stimulating to the senses. The build intensifies as the verse carries on with a catchy hook dropping into a mad rush of bass bounding furiously with a hint of an industrial vibe. “Static Vision” pounds along heavy with a groovy, danceable rhythm with creative broken beats and sparkling effects, set to make the floor move and shake. Another verse bursts in carrying the ballad through the breakdown to the second drop. “Static Vision” is a brilliant combination of smooth, powerful vocals and intense vibes making this a rave ready, must have track.

A smooth serenade from Ruth Royall on “Somebody New” glides in over soft chords with a mystifyingly melancholy verse that shines through the build. Flowing into a light, liquid vibe the kicks pop over a low bassline as the vocals continue through the measures, holding the spotlight in this riveting tale, harmonizing with the symphonic sounds Sovryn has supplied in “Somebody New”. Smooth and tranquil the mood hits just right for a softer touch in the set and shows Sovryn is ready to span the spectrum of drum and bass with his pristine production techniques.

Creative vocal cuts mimicking an old time radio broadcast bring color to the intro on “Invasion” setting the scene for an all out attack from far beyond as we pummel into the madness of the drop. Basslines bellow in short, deep growls as the kicks ride steady with FX cascading all around. Vocal snippets cut in and out for extra flare as the bass twists and contorts grinding to the rhythm blasting along. An all out attack of ultra heavy bass and winding drum patterns makes “Invasion” a most desirable selection to increase the energy to another dimension.

“Everybody” enters on a melodic vibe playing upon vivid keys and animated vocalizations as the kicks build furiously in this jump up/neuforunk hybrid track primed to make the dance floor MOVE. Grungy basslines bounce mechanically smashing between a groovy rhythm and aptly placed samples as synths sway to solidify the mix. This heavy hopper will no doubt dominate as it wobbles through the measures with clever redesign to the bassline; Sovryn has many tricks up his sleeve pay close attention to the layout of these tracks they are utterly stacked.

Sovryn’s ‘Static Vision EP’ is a well rounded release packed with heavy basslines, smooth vocals and colorful rhythms. There’s also been hints to other projects in the works such as a debut album, some massive collaborations, remixes and more through 2022 so be sure to keep an eye on this star rising with Korsakov Music.

Pre-Order your copy of the ‘Static Vision EP’ out February 26. 


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