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Since jumping into the drum and bass realm Sovryn has been unstoppable; killing it release after release on Korsakov Music absolutely blowing minds with his skill, passion and determination to put forth mind melting music that breaks the boundaries in every way. Kicking off the year with the ‘Static Vision EP’ Sovryn slyly slid into dnb with an array of tracks to appease the masses. Next up was the ‘Insanity EP’ with AL/SO that totally transformed that way we identify drum and bass. Next he dropped an absolutely insane remix of “Hypersonic” from ‘Hypersonic Remixed’; Sovryn’s take on this beautiful banger from High Maintenance and AL/SO is next level and ultra tough! Now it’s time to jump into the ‘Weekend EP’ as Sovryn elevates his production to new heights once more showing his journey into drum and bass has only just begun but he’s heading straight for the top!


I said it the first time I hear this track; Sovryn’s “Weekend” with Rightmind should be the unofficial anthem for 2021. As ravers reunite worldwide “Weekend” has all the right vibes to connect with the crowd on an emotional level and beyond. A harmonious symphony kick-starts the track quickly welcoming the vocals into the mix; an undeniable sensation washes over as the treachery of cabin fever lifts in an ode to the weekend when it’s time to let loose and be free. The beat joins the build amplifying the vocal in preparation for the drop. Angry, exaggerated foghorns stretch and sprawl bellowing deep vibrating and resonating between clean, snappy beats as the vocal carries weaving throughout the composition and wicked effects pop through the mix. Verse by verse the message rings loud and clear the weekend is what we’re all searching for, a time to be wild and live life with no regrets! “Weekend” from Sovryn and Rightmind is set to spin the crowd into a frenzy its smooth yet vicious combining the high end symphonic sounds, that sprawling rumbling bassline and everything in between. Overflowing with aggression this is just the release the dance floor needs!

Feel good vibes roll through the build as upbeat keys kick the melody into action on Sovryn’s “Sensation”. The atmosphere amplifies as the intensity increases and the kicks climb feverishly. Fiery, soulful vocalizations harmonize roaring to the drop enticing the old school vibe from deep within. A steady beat hits vigorously flowing through the measures as the bassline rips, roars and rolls the hint of nostalgia imminent in this composition. The passion in the piano overflows flipping back to that brutal bassline whipping and slashing to mutilate the crowd. Sovryn has balanced old school flavor with forward thinking ideas in this masterfully composed crossbreed of beautiful bass music with top notch production and sound design, “Sensation” is both dangerous and divine.

Wrapping up the ‘Weekend EP’ is “Punishment” and as the title suggests this one is bound to do some serious damage on the dance floor. A euphonious intro builds timidly spiraling upon melodies mixed with faint beats, sinister synths and bellowing basslines fuming with fury the closer it gets to the drop building tension amidst the augmented reality spewing from the mood of this tune. ‘It’s the punishment they deserve’ whipping into the first measure dubby, belligerent basslines pummel and pound zealously, vibrating measure thorough measure assertive and in control. Forceful snares snap attentively, firing rapidly to support the hostility of the bass. Mindful composition from Sovryn pulls key elements into this track and utilizes vocal samples to enhance the overall authority and violent dynamic of “Punishment”. But wait, there’s more! Just after they’ve picked their faces up off the floor the second drop will blow the room to bits once more. Sovryn is revitalizing drum and bass with his precision in sound design and putting a new perspective on the music we love.

Pre-order the ‘Weekend EP’ just in time for your weekend set! Out this Friday on all platforms.

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