Spekski – Beg/Veil [Divination Recordings]

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Hot off the press, Divination Recordings is back with another major release. Spekski is an up and coming artist from Manchester UK with some serious fire under his hat and already has some solid releases on this label. His talents have proven to be catchy and musical, with diverse styles of dnb production. On this particular release he is bringing an orchestral vibe combined with a heavy neruofunk sound, grabbing the ears of all types of drum and bass lovers.

Beg” is filled with epic strings taking you through the great halls of ancient forts in preparation for battle. When the break drops, you will know what I’m talking about. The melodic chords contrast with the charging drum lines and heavy synths perfectly, giving you that uplifting feeling, then shooting you right out of a cannon in to the dance.

Veil” brings you classics airy synths that take you back to the prodigy and pendulum eras, accompanied by stepy drums and funky bass line that combines for an eerie yet electric tune that is sure to bring the darkness out to the floor.

Both tunes fall into the neurofunk sub-genre but have components of liquid, jump up and tech step. This is a big release from a very cool up and coming North American drum and bass label. I highly suggest you check this out along with the rest of they’re back catalog.

Buy it and play it loud!

4/5 Stars


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