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by | Nov 15, 2021 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

This week on Bad Taste Recordings Spekski brings fresh, cutting edge flavor with four spine tingling tracks on the ‘Focus EP’. With a limitless approach to sound design Spekski is carving his own path with forward focused ideas that push the boundaries of drum and bass in the most impressive ways. Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Focus EP’ in all its glory.

Dark vocalizations condemn the build as “Focus” flips and skips, instrumentals disintegrating amidst robotic voices and pummeling pads as the bassline awakens thumping thunderously to the drop. An animated composition flows wildly warping between brutally heavy mechanical melodies, tenacious tempos and barking basslines that wallop and wind wildly. The vocal cuts peek through broken beats which are artificially intelligent in their own design. An interesting avenue of exploration from Spekski on “Focus” brings the most merciless drum and bass to life.

A cinematic intro spins symphonically igniting “Delusion” with a sultry yet sinister vibe as severed vocalizations serenade the build with shivering effects, driving toward the drop increasingly tightening their grip on the soul. A convoluted composition unfolds as bouncy, broken, warm vibes flow thickly through severely broken beats patterned colorfully amidst melancholy melodies. Searing basslines tremble and pop winding through the measures in a labyrinth as the highs are emphasized by the vocalizations infusing euphoria to the mix. Spekski’s style is a display of vicious variety as “Delusion” continues to flip and switch with melodic harmonies engulfing the vibe, fierce use of fills and percussive elements, crisp cracking basslines and innovative effects all inspiring the evolution of drum and bass in paragon form. “Delusion” is a complex, inconceivable creation that intensifies the mix and makes the crowd lose control.

Evil atmospherics stalk the build on “Deadlock” carnivorously caressing subsonic synths as the beat draws in menacingly with patient desire. Deep kicks creep through the darkness as the anticipation peaks and life flows through the composition, the highs winding between electrifyingly aggressive elements ready for the drop. Bombshell basslines are set to blow the bins to bits as driving synths slice and sway cascading through the measures as they crescendo uncontrollably. Vivid beats keep the tempo moving whipping and winding energetic harmony, “Deadlock” is a dangerously disastrous dance floor machine!

A smooth start to “Remember Tonight” ft. Siguard Johnk Jense ravenously reverses as airy atmospherics are overtaken by electrifying guitars and demanding drum patterns pounding furiously accompanied with aggressive yet angelic vocals as the build takes on an alternative rock vibe strive for the drop as it echoes and evolves breaking and rebuilding with extra flare on the snares. A devious drop awaits pounding and tagging between bouncing basslines and ravaging reece as the highs climb and color the composition with crazed craftiness balancing the tones and adding insanity to the mix. Impressive attention to the drum design, crazed change ups and mind bending breakdowns Spekski brings something fresh and fun in “Remember Tonight” a peak track for the most memorable set.

Spekski is one to keep an eye on and we’re going to do just that at Best Drum and Bass. Keep it locked!

Out NOW on Bad Taste Recordings grab your copy of Spekski’s ‘Focus EP’ today.



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