Spirit – Stalker EP [Function Records]

by | May 8, 2017 | Tunes

You won’t get much argument from most of us that one part of drum and bass music and culture that we enjoy is always pushing things further to new and exciting sounds and possibilities. We love to test the limits of sound and space. We are always looking for what’s next or who’s next it seems. However, every so often a true legend shows up and says “let me remind you how is done…” and drops a few tunes so full of pure skill and vision it makes the rest of pause for a moment to appreciate the true mastery of their craft. With his forthcoming “Stalker” EP on Function, the legendary Sprit does just that.

Making his solo debut on Digital’s imprint, this EP has been destroying all venues it has been played in for a while. ‘Stalker’ is a nasty striped down stepper filled with twisted distorted synth stabs offset by deep dirty sub bass punching you in the face. This is as gritty and gully as you can ask for in a tune. ‘International’ has been making the rounds for a while and causing absolute havoc each time it is dropped. With its relentless battery of amens, unapologetic bass lines, and melodic pads, this one rips right through you and takes no prisoners along the way. Lastly, we get to ‘Look Out’ and its straightforward drumming washed in eerie pads and fx, and deep bass tones. This one reminds me of driving home as the sun comes up after a long night out in some hidden warehouse smashing up the dance. This EP is solid from top to bottom and will be available worldwide May 26th, 2017.

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