Spline – Rock [BAD TASTE]

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Tunes

Russian producer Spline delivers a breakout EP onto the worldwide dnb circuit no holds barred! Bad Taste Recordings throughout the years has delivered the freshest of new acts in the Drum and Bass scene, yielding into some of the most talented and prolific artists later on, this time is no different with the arrival of Spline boasting a smashing 4 track EP that is sure to do waves of damage upon the dance floor.

My favorite cut off the EP ” Rock ” starts out with epic and cinematic tones bringing a heavy ten tonne soundscape into play as battle horns can be heard across the battlefield. The percussion comes in building hard tension evolving through the intro and preparing all entities for war. Silence is observed before the intro as a deep and menacing vocal sample is spoken before the drop. ” Rock ” pummels into a an assault of breakbeat hardstep drums crushing all resistance in its path with great force and anger. The tune carries out its progression into full fledged crushing drum and bass sounds.

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