Spring Slammers March

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Spring is here for most of us in the northern hemisphere as the temperatures warm up Festival season is getting into swing we depart from our winter refuge inside thousands of clubs across the world. This time around we have a variety of tunes from some seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

First up on our list we have Maztek’s 4 The Ravers EP which features 7 scorching tunes. Maztek has been pushing his sounds further with his 0101 imprint and this release is no different. Maztek brings to the table one of his most versatile releases so far. Ranging for cutting edge neurofunk to the ragga influenced Babylon stepper, and ghost tracks hypnotic half time. This is certainly a release to listen to front to back.

Next up is Dabs “Wormatic LP”. Dabs is one of those producers releasing gems throughout the years and focusing on his craft not spending much time in the spotlight while having support from some of the biggest DNB dj’s in the world. Dabs runs Avantgarde music and has had releases on some of the top labels throughout drum and bass. This LP is an absolutely brilliant display of Dabs at his best.

Soulvent celebrating their 5th year in operation continues their releases rolling with Jollife ft Linguistics on a nice technical stepper of a tune featuring a jungly B side!

The mighty Viper Recordings has been cranking out the fantastic releases and this time their latest star Jack Mirror comes swinging out of the gate with an absolutely behemoth dance floor anthem with B side to match. The triumphant sounds of ” Utopia” and the marching of reset really shine with a clear vision of the beautiful future Jack Mirror has in mind.

Korskov music continuing to set the bar with innovating releases with exceptional artists. The sonic badman that is Droptek has been pumping out magnificent explorations of sound on various labels throughout the past few years and their Korsakov release stands up to the field.

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