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Winter is over and festival season is kicking right off into swing. This past month has been a major time for incredible releases far and wide within every sub genre. Today we are going to hop into a small list of tunes i have been feeling. Some for the club, some for at home listening. All of them quality cuts.

#1.BNKR007 – Exept feat Joanna Syze – Stronger EP

Starting the list off proper comes Exept’s Methlab release featuring brilliant vocals by Joanna Syze who nails the moody and darker drum and bass bits every time. This release cover more techy and experimental sounds with progressive sound design and energizing arrangements.



#2. Viper Presents: The Sound of Drum & Bass 2018

Viper is back with an excellent contribution again this year with their annual compilation album! This one covers a variety of styles and sounds keeping the variety fresh ranging from all out dance floor bangers to deeper and eclectic cuts! This ones out the 27th of April i highly recommend giving it a listen! Loads of great DJ tools inside.

#3 Samurai Breaks – Sweet Tooth EP

The madmen behind The Dreamers Recordings are back with Samurai Breaks Sweet Tooth EP. This one has been in my bag and is certain to do damage on the dancefloor with its fusion of garage, footwork, bassline, jungle and old school rave to bring one sound that is nothing short of extraordinary. This ones out now and is essential listening for forward thinking heads!

#4.  Jade – Awake EP

The legendary Jade is back with friend to crank the energy to 11 with his forthcoming EP on Eatbrain. Details are still immerging for this one but it is sounding absolutely devastating so far. Stay tuned for more coverage as the EP progresses. For now here is some audio on this current subject.


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