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SST’s full length drum and bass album ‘Hear the Message’ hits Boomslang Recordings today stacked front to back with a dozen tracks to build the mood and take hold of the room with its colorful compositions and subduing basslines bringing USDNB into the spotlight once more. Time to get deep with the ‘Hear the Message LP’ from SST and see what he’s been cooking up in this massive three year project of DNB!


“Fire in the Jungle” kicks things off in a big way cascading through jungle infused beats with sweltering basslines to jazz up the mix with an inherent moodiness that engulfs the room with this heater of a tune! “Lost Way“ continues to drift into the darker depths of drum and bass with eerie vocalizations and menacing melodies that playfully cross growling basslines and snappy beats driving through the detailed composition that SST is known to bring. Next up “Control of Me” adds ambience to the playlist with a thick atmospheric feeling and steamy vocal in the mix as it winds through the drop with tender beats and bass that bellows low with warm, welcoming groove. Title track “Hear the Message“ comes up next kicking up the energy with punchy beats and boiling bass design bringing back a uniquely powerful vocalization into the mix. The percussion is on point with rolls and fills enhancing the effects pouncing through the mix with another beastly bassline keeping the lows rolling thick like a brick! Not even halfway through this massive release SST is showcasing his immense talent as he pulls out all the stops with thoughtful production to pack the dance floor with fluid rhythms and room shaking basslines that are perfect to make people move!

“Wake the Desert” keeps the moodiness rolling through this LP with another booming composition thickening up the bass even more as he prepares for takeoff with the dance floor. An animated groove keeps this one on the move as it slides through the mix adding oomph to any set. “Down Not Out” offers a mysteriously temperamental tease leading through the build bringing a strong vocal into the drop flowing flawlessly over industrially grinding basslines that twist through the tune. Capped with clean kicks and an elaborate beat pattern this is another top shelf track to add to the stack. SST’s ‘Hear the Message LP’ continues the pursuit as “Die in Our World” heats up this album even more diving into bottomless bass and spine-chilling melodies as the rhythm ravages relentlessly from the shadows. “Hiding in the Dark” featuring Infinite rides in upon a playfully animated intro to amp the mood up welcoming a vicarious vocal to the mix readying the drop for a powerful punch as SST continues to showcase his signature style of thick compositions that make a big impact in the mix. Again the detail is overwhelmingly focused and there’s a lot to take in, you’ll have to listen again and again always discovering more than you’ve heard before.

Another driving force in the USDNB scene Kadilak steps up to collaborate on “All of Us” resulting in a floor filling tune with its glowing embrace gripping the build as it grows to the drop with bin blasting bass taking control and conducting the mood. A fun and funky composition unfolds with upbeat energy emitting from thick rhythms that roll, that bass still shattering the floor with an immense animation on the overall essence of the tune. “The Meaning of It” glides through a thought provoking build simmering on slick beats and alluring vocal clips as it flips into a tantalizing tune to entrance the room. Mischievous melodies slink in between beautifully curated beats and rolly, rumbling basslines as the vocal is sprinkled through to really tempt the mood.

Winding down on the ‘Hear the Message LP’ “Guidance” still packs plenty of punch razzing the mix with a deep, somber groove. The bass bellows amidst a cinematic soundscape that feels like it’s from another dimension entirely. Wrapping it all up “Reality Theory” creates a twilight zone of its own immediately pummeling into a perplex climb to the drop as it sneaks in from all sides waiting to jump. A wicked composition unfolds winding through a dark, menacing groove the basslines growling and consuming the room with an electrifying force as spectral vocal clips raise the hair on your skin. Another boiling beat pattern accompanies this tune as SST continues to formulate his groove into a perfect blend of technically primed rhythms and bass that consumes the room.

You will want to own this LP in its entirety so grab the full length copy of ‘Hear The Message’ from SST on Boomslang Recordings. CLICK HERE!

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