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State of Mind has earned a solid place in drum and bass with countless tracks and releases spanning most of the top labels in this genre since 2005. Now their 5th full length LP has hit the shelves and ‘Land of the Blind’ delivers nothing less than what we’ve come to expect from the talented and driven duo known as State of Mind. An intricate release ‘Land of the Blind’ is packed with extended engaging intros, monster neurofunk basslines and highly technical beastly beats. A must own album with thirteen tracks each as massive as the last. Let’s check out what’s fresh.

Dark and demonic “Psychopath” stealthly stalks in as the tension builds. The bass bellows and the snares kick as the maniac comes to life. A model neurofunk track “Psychopath” consumes hard and heavy at the drop full of elastic basslines, hard kicks, killer breaks and immense effects. Staged to shake the floor to bits “Psychopath” is nothing less than an absolutely mental tune.

A soft female vocal spans the intro on “Nothing More to Say” and plays a key role in this composition. ‘Nothing more to say, nothing more to give’ carries out in solemn solitude intensifying the build while the snares kick up furiously in anticipation of a monster drop. Instead we are blindsided in extreme contrast with a powerful, technical deep rolling bassline. “Nothing More to Say” harbors intense drum beats that are quick and upbeat as the vocal carries through an exhilarating trance. “Nothing More to Say” is silky but solid; a majestic selection for an epic dance induced set.

Preset 42” delivers a mellow, euphoric intro transcending into an extreme external experience. The drop pummels into a deep, synthy rolling bassline. Again the beats are on point; State of Mind has the technique down when it comes to fueling intense drum ridden tunes. A slight vocalization hypnotizes throughout and tops off “Preset 42” proper. The dutty bassline captivates though as it flows and stretches intently through. “Preset 42” is a prime pick to connect with the crowd and command control.

A lengthy build on “Flame Thrower” with Lifesize MC leaves room for a bit of a vocal tease before the big verse is thrown down. Deep, technical and carrying a bit of a tribal vibe at the drop “Flamethrower” is packed with upbeat energy as the bass bangs between devious drum beats. The vocal is sparse but powerful. “Flamethrower” is sure rock the bass bins and flip the floor into motion.

In “Part of Me” with Black Sun Empire a soft vocal eases into the track in a journey across soothing synths and pads. ‘Won’t you discover… a part of me’ harmonizes through the intro as the beat kicks up building powerfully to a breathtaking revelation at the drop. Surprisingly mellow in comparison to the anticipation “Part of Me” is delicate with a smooth rolling beat that carries under a very technical drum pattern with a crisp, clean sound. State of Mind and Black Sun Empire have created a heavier, grungier spin on the spectrum of a big dance floor track. “Part of Me” would be an astonishing selection to transition across sub genres of drum and bass.

Eerie and suspenseful on the intro “Chain Reaction” with Coppa initiates insanity as the pads start to creep in with fervor while Coppa’s bars smash through harder than a left right hook stomping harder to the drop. BOOOOM!!! A brutally fierce delay is set to SMASH turning heads and leaving jaws on the floor as the beat pounds on. “Chain Reaction” is full of energy and intensity – this is a MASSIVE neuro BANGER. Coppa’s hook carries keeping the vibe moving forward, amplifying the frenzy until we’re snapped back to a dope halftime beat supporting the vocal flow before being pummeled by the second drop. Get ready for the “Chain Reaction” a beast of a track that doesn’t cut any slack.

State of Mind has the intros on lock “Doomsday” is packed with darkness as the synths cry out building more feverously toward the drop. “Doomsday” screams State of Mind from every angle. Amidst an extremely colorful composition there’s a lot going on in this track but the elements are aptly placed and balanced just right to make this a track of epic proportions! Full of fury but not at all to busy to pound in a mix  with sic mid measure breaks, insane FX, big fat basslines and the most intricate beats. “Doomsday” is epic combat through drum and bass fire!

Battle bars at the ready “Run Out” feat. MC Codebreaker hammers in with a quick flow straight from the get go. In your face with a thick verse the fury builds with a super sized smash at the drop. “Run Out” is a masterpiece of boundless, crisp sound as the vocals spring in and out with another hefty hook at the break complimented by true State of Mind neurofunk madness. “Run Out” is thick with rage and sure to get the blood pumping in the dance.

Rounding out ‘Land of the Blind’ are a few tracks have been making the rounds within the DnB scene for a bit: “Foul Play”, “Mr. Hanky” with Neonlight, “Bottom Line” with Black Sun Empire, “Writhe” and “Lockdown” have all seen a place on prior releases so consider it sort of a bonus pack as part of this LP in case you haven’t picked them up already. No doubt these are all fantastic tracks that hold their own on the dance floor; a good grip that supports the edgier, brutal neuro elements on ‘Land of the Blind’ from State of Mind.

‘Land of the Blind’ dropped September 8 so you can grab your copy today!! Comment below to let us know what you think.

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