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The stateside d&b scene has traditionally been looked at as “trying to catch up” or mimic the foundation sounds from its UK birthplace. It seemed for years that we were looking to sound similar to the originals which we heard reflected in a lot of our production & DJ sets…

Those days are decisively over for many reasons including a plethora of really talented producers, one of them being Bill & Ed.

Bill & Ed

Straight Outa Washington D.C. / Baltimore City

Based out of the Washington DC/Baltimore region, they built their grind in one of the biggest and most influential music scenes in North America. The DC/Baltimore region, also known as the D.M.V. has a very tall legacy to uphold as one of the oldest Jungle scenes in America. As a result, their fanbase is very well educated on quality music and artists. That fact alone should lend some credibility to anyone who emerges from there as it has long been championed as the hub of Jungle/D&B music on the East Coast.

Bill & Ed formed like Voltron back in 2013 when they realized their love of Hip Hop & Jungle brought their own unique element to the tunes they wanted to produce & play. As a result, both became extremely dedicated in the studio as they started experimenting with different production techniques and soon realized they created an element of funk & swagger that needed to be pushed to the masses.

On a mission to make D&B waves across the planet

The first label to take notice of this junglist DJ duo was Virginia Beach-based Elm Imprint who was already on a mission to make waves in D&B. Major worldwide support of all 3 releases on Elm was proof that the ride was well on its way. Next, Bill & Ed spread their wings a bit more and jumped onto a nice selection of top-notch labels known for their vibes and quality control. Labels like – Deep in The Jungle Recordings, Dutty Bass Audio, Juicy Fruit Recordings, Sonic Terror, Subwoofah Records, & Dubsoul Recordings with a slew of original material and a stack of sick remixes.

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Bill & Ed, now is definitely a good time to get with the program. With any luck, you will get a chance to see them in a warehouse or club near you sometime soon.

Tunes to grab –

  1. Keep it Gangster VIP [Dutty Bass Audio]
  2. Skeletor [Juicy Fruit Recordings]
  3. Madmen [Dutty Bass Audio]
  4. Madmen (Kjah Rmx) [Dutty Bass Audio]
  5. Keeping it Gangster (DJ Hybrid Rmx) [Dutty Bass Audio]
  6. These Streets [Ghetto Dub]
  7. These Streets (DJ Gaw Rmx) [Ghetto Dub]
  8. God Grape VIP [Dutty Bass Audio]
  9. Epicenter – Chat (Bill & Ed Rmx) [Subwoofah Records]
  10. That’s the Life [Elm Imprint]


Bill & Ed – Keepin it Gangsta VIP – [Dutty Bass Audio]

Get it Here

The boys get busy with this hip-hop infused runner sprinkling in Nas vocals,  old school breaks, & amens. It’s a perfect recipe to get the room steppin with the minimal drums and low key creeper bassline. They maintain a funky style with it using expert subtle changeups at all the perfect times.  Massive tune, definitely grab on sight and if that’s not enough, the ep comes with remixes of this tune and others by DJ Hybrid, Saxxon, Epicenter, Dcision, K Jah, & Too Greazy.


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