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Inside America’s heartland rests some of our biggest talents, and one thing they all seem to have in common is that they keep focused and never get sidetracked looking for headlines or vain attention. The Midwest is a region of absolute purists, creators, & innovators. It’s the birthplace of House music, Techno, & Rock n Roll. Between Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, & everywhere in between you have some of the states’ oldest and deepest rooted music scenes.  

One of the most widely respected, talented, & humble stateside producers comes out of Cleveland and he goes by KC.

DJ KC playing music

I can remember the first time I heard a KC tune, it was the late 90’s, Wednesday’s at SpyBar in downtown Cleveland’s warehouse district put on by longtime promoter dj Tik Tak.  DJ Nightstalker was out from LA rinsin dubs all night, and at the height of his set he pulled out a KC dub. It blew up the dance and the entire room called a reload. I made sure to wait around afterward to meet Nightstalker & find out what it was…

Coming from Cleveland means you know music, it also means you stay real with it.

One of the coolest things about how good of a producer KC is – he would never even mention anything about producing tunes or that they are supported nightly worldwide by the biggest of the biggest unless asked directly about it. He has that hard-working midwest vibe, where you focus on quality and the spotlight is earned through your grind. Coming from Cleveland means you know music, it also means you stay real with it. (Massive Big up to all my Cleveland peoples)

Kevin saw some of his first releases on Bad Boy Bill’s Canvas Recordings, and legendary stateside label Rawkuts which made waves stateside. This lead to an EP released and promoted by Dieselboy when he signed Archangel & Extreme Steel for his Human/System Recordings label. DSL saw the talent and wanted to spread that heavy metal DNB sound that KC naturally had from growing up in the home of Rock n Roll. After massive support of his tunes, KC never looked back, only taking time in between releases to perfect his craft. This resulted in a massive amount of tunes across a spectrum of quality labels including AK1200’s Big Riddim, Nemesis, Eatbrain, Elm Imprint, Natty Dub, Playside 175, Dutty Bass Audio, the mighty V Recordings, and many more.

Big things come to those who are steady with the grind, not taking shorts and staying true to their music.

Even with all these releases under his belt possibly the most intoxicating was catching the attention of Break with releases on his highly respected Symmetry label. Already a huge accomplishment releasing with Break, it turned out even better when they released KC & NC-17’s “Slimeville” tune with a remix treatment by Break & DLR. Absolutely Massive tune.

Big things come to those who are steady with the grind, not taking shorts and staying true to their music. All things said and done KC embodies all of this and it shines through in the quality and vibe of his tunes and DJ sets.

If you haven’t yet checked out KC’s tunes you are definitely missing out and should take this chance to dive deep into his catalogue of absolute stateside drum & bass greatness. A good start would be with the chart-topping “Deny”, a collaboration with the legendary SUV & ft. Paul Charles out now on V Recordings.

Big up yourself KC, bringing nothing but positive light to all of us stateside and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Tunes to grab –

  1. Deny (ft Paul Charles) – DJ SUV & KC [V Recordings]
  2. Deny (ft Paul Charles) – L-Side remix [V Recordings]
  3. Street Lights – KC & Regina [Natty Dub]
  4. Slimeville – NC-17 & KC [Symmetry]
  5. Slimeville (Break & DLR remix) – NC-17 & KC [Symmetry]
  6. She Runs – KC [Innovate Audio]
  7. She Runs – Sikka Remix [Innovate Audio]
  8. Live Again – KC [Playside 175]
  9. Lets Get Rowdy – KC [Dutty Bass Audio]
  10. Night Time Rollin’ VIP – KC & MC Astro [Weapons of Choice]



SUV & KC – Deny ft Paul Charles [V Recordings]

Grab it here

Absolute dancefloor rinse from the start with it’s melodic vocal intro. Paul Charles lays down the vocals with perfection creating an emotional vibe that most people can relate to in these crazy times. Once the bassline hits there is a style combination working that was made in heaven, KC’s roller steeze blends with SUV’s signature bouncy Bristol bass like chips & salsa.

Don’t sleep on it, grab it, rinse it, repeat it.

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