Stefano Paz – Sidewinder

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Tunes

Welcome again to another track review here on Best Drum and Bass. This time I share a lesser known producer by the name of Stefano Paz. A long time DJ in Florida playing small clubs and events since around 2015. He has taken his hand at production once again with a track called Sidewinder. The latest of his work since a remix contest entry for Erb N Dub’s Loud Mouth. Last year in February he also released an album titled Raptors featuring a song with MC Messinian. Not to mention one of my favorites a drum and bass / drumstep remix of the Invader Zim theme song. Slowly but steadily he’s been doing his, part putting in work and keeping the scene moving.

Lets dive into the sand with the Sidewinder. Beginning with a busy break, percussion and atmospherics that sets the scene of desert lands. Leading us into the drop with a filtered bassline layered with another break and a vocal sample “Sidewinder” into the drop. Now the big heavy bassline curves its way through the airwaves. Then layered in is a mid range bass like shiny snake skin scales keeping the slithering reptile blended into the surroundings. Taking us to the break is the thick drum pattern and low passed bass with a brooding melodic. White Noise and and bass are seamlessly sculpted into grumbling drums into the second drop. This tracks is available for listening on SoundCloud and his YouTube channel subscribe and follow for an update on when it may be released.

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