Stonx – Wikkid World EP – Neuroheadz

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

What’s happening Neurofunkers?!  Strex here with another dose of something special to grace our stores and airwaves from those dirt bags at Neuroheadz, this time from Stonx.  

Stonx who do that wikkid weekly show Stonxcast here on Best Drum & Bass which gives us the freshest neurofunk bangers and lets us hear releases like this early!

Kick starting this EP is a track called ‘New Toy Rocket’ which has an awesomely disgusting reece on the intro which just gets me wild straight away and a creepy sounding vocal saying “Do you like your new toy?” which then leads to a stomping drop that is a funky yet heavy tune, loving this one!

Next up is Wikkid World, the title track.  If you remember this one features on the Neuroheadz LP released earlier this year and needs no introduction, it’s an absolute stinker of a track and I’ve been playing it since it appeared on that LP (which incidentially if you haven’t got in your collection already, what are you playing at?)

The next track is Mycorrhizal Network, I thought I was going to have to Google what that meant but the vocals give it away with a quick 30 second lesson in fungal associations between plant roots and beneficial fungi, I bet you’re glad you asked.  This one is a naughty little roller which has a really clean bassline and a perfectly driven drum beat.  You’ll love it! 

Now, the next track is probably my favourite off the EP, partly because the name is hilarious:  RIPH (Rage Induced P1ss Headbutt) but also because the tune is heavy as f**k.  It starts off with a 4×4 bit on the drop which helps build the tension until the tune drops to an absolute weapon of a track.  The vocals talk of anger but that cannot prepare you, the tune is so filthy you get angry and stamp your feet.

Lastly we have Host.  This track builds with an exciting dancefloor kind of vibe but when it drops it retains a bit of that but keeps it heavy as we expect from Stonx.  Yet another quality track from this maestro, loving the way this tune flows and keeps you bouncing and your head nodding.  

All in all Stonx have done the usual and not disappointed.  This EP is well worth getting in the basket and onto your USB immediately.  Every track is different and an absolute face melter in their own right.  

Thanks Stonx!  Great work!

As per usual, click the artwork below to take you to the release because it is OUT NOW!



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