Stonxcast Episode 96 || Hosted By Ollie

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Mixes


Hey everyone,

This week, we’ve got a killer episode lined up for you, featuring fresh tracks from State of Mind & Coppa, Drumago & Tschul, Chook, and Aye Rights & Victim.

Then, we’re diving into Demo’s Wips & Promos, where you’ll hear upcoming tracks from Diode, Nuvertal, MYGR, Mob Tactics, and more!

And this week, we have a special treat with a guest mix from Subcat.

Check out the track list below and let’s dive in!

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Korax – Hidden Technique // EX0 Suit


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  1. State of Mind & Coppa – Red Sky [EATBRAIN]
  2. Drumago & Tschul – Astroid Shower – [BrainRave Music]
  3. Chook – Echoes Of Existence [Evolution Chamber]
  4. Aye Rights & Victim – Docklands – [BrainRave Music]
  5. Flat T & Affirmation – Return of the Kraken [Boomslang Recordings]
  6. Future Shock – Conquest Syndrome [Neuropunk]
  7. Hystatus – Patterns In The Sky [AXON RECORDS]
  8. NERV3 – Ximera [Paperfunk]
  9. Irontype & Bullaway – Embers Fall [Paperfunk]
  10. Jhofre and Vicjoff – Great Expanse (Diode Remix) [C2D]
  11. MV – Out Of Your Head [High Resistance]
  12. Balron, Phenom & Discharge – Editmania (Symplex Remix)
  13. Nuvertal – Combat Sword [Neuropunk]
  14. Mob Tactics – Bloodbucket [EATBRAIN]
  15. MYGR – Heretics [Stonx Music]
  16. First Person Circuits (Transforma Remix)
  17. TR Tactics Obsession (Badlokk Remix)
  18. Subcat Cloud Break
  19. Mean Teeth Keepin It Dirty (MNDSCP Remix)
  20. Ed Rush + Optical Medicine (Matrix Remix)
  21. Nocturnal Musk Up
  22. Skrillex + Noisia + Josh Pan + Dylan Brady Supersonic (oneBYone, Aznok Bootleg)
  23. Audio Nirmata
  24. Esym Enter Into Darkness
  25. Magnetude Still There
  26. Mean Teeth Facesplitta (Dropset Remix)
  27. Soulchaserz Id
  28. Stonx Wikkid World
  29. Tobax + TNTKLZ Immersion
  30. Enzy K Winding
  31. Pythius +Merikan Chimaera
  32. Subcat Hyenas
  33. Ekwols Drowning
  34. Burr Oak Trapper Trap
  35. Audio Solar Ascending
  36. Subcat Poison blade (Dub)
  37. Skrimor Blow
  38. Subcat + FauxReal Id
  39. Avile Rock N Roll VIP
  40. Visceral Venom
  41. Esym Moshpit
  42. Omneum Damnation
  43. Audo Golden Path

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Words by STONX and STONX MUSIC Co-Founder and Co Owner [Oliver Barron]

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