Strex – Promo Mix 4th August 2021


Yooo! First time sharing a mix of mine on the page but I recorded a promo mix yesterday and here it is below! 30 minutes of belting neurofunk!


Track list:

Telekinesis – Play (Blackout)

State of Mind – Doomsday (Blackout)

Synergy – Signals (Eatbrain)

Dropset x Transforma – Behavioral Analysis (Abducted Ltd)

Bad District – Lazertag (Shell Shock Recordings)

SAli – Mindfunk (Affliction Audio)

State of Mind – Foul Play (Blackout)

Telekinesis – Shut Up (Blackout)

Liveon – Mirage (Eatbrain)

Break, K Motionz, Duskee – Hack It (Break Remix) (UKF)

AL/SO ft. Tom Vernon – Brace Yourself (Korsakov)

Dropset x Bad Syntax – Veracity (Abducted Ltd)

Telekinesis – Occult (Blackout)

State of Mind & Neonlight – Mr Hanky (Blackout)

TR Tactics – A Programmed Reality (C4C Limited)

Receptor x Magnetude – Goodbye (Evolution Chamber)

Vmbrella – Ectoplasm (Boomslang Recordings)



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