Sub Killaz – Time Traveler / Oh Baby [Octave Recordings]


This week we are going to talk about a single I found as I was digging for some new tracks for Saturdays show that I am playing. I stumbled upon the new Sub Killaz, they dropped a two track single on July 4th, Time Traveler / Oh Baby on Octave Recordings. For those of you who don’t know about these guys, they are a duo based out of San Diego, CA. They have releases on multiple labels; Playaz, Sweet Tooth Recordings, Biological Beats and Digital Terror Records to name a few. From what I have been able to find, they seem to enjoy their Jump-up!!
The first track is called Time Traveler. This is a high energy track. It does have some deep bass. At its low point half way it has this nice calm feel to it and a nice melody going on as well. Like most jump-up it has this high pitched, and why most DnB fans hate on Jump-up, fairly annoying two toned screeching thing going on. I will say they do change it up throughout the track. Jump-up fans will rejoice at the sound of this track.
Now the second track on this single is what made me want to write about it, it’s called Oh Baby and Oh baby this one is nice. Yes, it’s jump-up but for the haters out there, it is done masterfully. The production on this one i really liked. The high screeching tone is NOT overly done, it’s very smooth actually and it changes nicely as well throughout with the bassline. This is the type of Jump-up I like and would like to hear more of from producers. I feel we will hear this track more and more once DJ’s find it and give it a fair ear.
Say what you will about Jump-up, it’s DnB and I love DnB!! This single was a surprise and I am really glad I found it . I was not a huge fan of Time Traveler but they hit the mark in my opinion with Oh Baby. I look forward to hearing what other surprises Sub Killaz is going to bring in the future.

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