Subsonic – Shaolin EP [Subway Soundz]

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Not that long ago we shined light on the most recent Subway Soundz digital feature with Bassface Sascha and their fairly large extended play and one my favourite tunes at the moment on the Obey EP guessed it “Obey“. Subsonic highlights the digital labels latest feature and it seems like we at Best Drum And ought to do the same. Without knowing much more about the don Subsonic, let take a listen to what is the Shaolin EP on Subway Soundz.

Shaolin – Shaolin EP – Subway Soundz – SSLD030

Crunchy Nut – Shaolin EP – Subway Soundz – SSLD030

This extended play hones that signature syncopation of beats most known to Low Down Deep and the respective labels beneath the Low Down hierarchy. It just sounds so real, the punk of the sound spectrum. Title tune “Shaolin” has all that and flutes in tact. Really placing a setting on this EP, and with a bass line the size of an elephant sixteen bars this herd starts moving. Don’t worry about having to wait for a slight variation in production on the second drop, Subsonic really went all in on this tune an all starts fourty four seconds in. Raving crew inside, “Crunchy Nut” is for you. Crisp space atmos and ravey risers on the intro with all the bleeps and bloops you could ask for. Dropping into a gritty, mid range influenced bass with snare that pops and rolls. “Bingo” all the same, really nice and full sound design with a ravey wonky mid range bass. The tune really keeps the momentum going with such subtle shakers it really is quite remarkable. The final tune off the Shaolin EP is a collaboration featuring Ky, like Subsonic is another artist that is just now showing up on my radar. Ironically enough this tune sounds like a submarine sweeper that has gone haywire. Really giving this release and the tunes that dynamic of highs and lows so if “Shaolin” is not to your liking than maybe a tune like “Dstroy” is. Be sure to check these tunes out yourself when they hit digital shelves on the thirteenth of July!

Dstroy feat. Ky – Shaolin EP – Subway Soundz – SSLD030

Bingo – Shaolin EP – Subway Soundz – SSLD030

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