Survey – Over Night EP [Flexout Audio]


Survey is back, dropping their newest release, Over Night EP on Flexout Audio. Filled with their trademark ominous tones, razor sharp precision, and deeper than deep basslines, it’s a standout release in the current world of Drum and Bass.

“Hotline” opens the EP, and is a collab with none other than QZB. Layers upon layers of intricate percussion create a fast-moving jungle of sound; meanwhile, the bassline steadily bobs along, subtly forcing your head to do the same. Any minimal fan will love this track, as it combines the unique groove QZB is well known for and fuses that with the brooding dark atmospheres Survey always brings to the table.

Survey and Amoss link up for the next one, “Loose Change.” This track is a serious heavyweight. Both of these groups bring it hard and heavy, and lauded as experts at it. Amoss brings their best bass warbling’s to the track, creating that stuttered roller vibe which thrashes a dancefloor to pieces. Survey takes that and adds a steady vibey undercurrent that sets the stage perfectly for all the mutations that endlessly swirl throughout the track.

The title track slowly rides in – “Overnight” begins with spacey effects and a hard-rolling beat.  The fierce rhythm is layered with spacey vocals and a dark bass synth melody which ends up hypnotizing you, making this an excellent track to get lost in. It’s a classic example of the Survey sound; savagely technical yet fluidly melodic, and easily at home in any DnB set.

For the second time on this release Amoss step in, with a remix of the Survey tune “Plastic Velvet.”  Keeping the surging rise and fall dramatics of the original, Amoss bring this out even further with their intricate drum patterns and mid-range heavy warbling’s. This version is intense, as the choppy beats throw you around on an aural rollercoaster.

Survey continues to release excellent material, and the Overnight EP is no exception. Grab it today from all the usual culprits!!



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