SUV feat. Joe Peng – Bong Diddly // Plastick Sea [Natty Dub]

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Tunes

Not long since February passed and Hoogs released City Of Sound. Final Breath, Chimes, Laeddis and JNGLST all seeing light on Cabin Fever‘s Natty Dub Recordings. Having checked out Train Recording’s latest Off The Rails album and a very sound tune by the name of “Instead Of War” I was absolutely thrilled to see full release from SUV out on Natty Dub. So lets take a listen to what the man SUV has drummed up for us.

Bong Diddly feat. Joe Peng – Natty Dub – NATTY038

If you are a fan of the reece and I am not talking about the candy this two track extended play featuring Joe Peng is what you need to fill in the gaps of your rekordbox playlist with current Jungle Drum And Bass music. “Bong Diddly” staying true to those full minute long intros with perfectly timed shakers and a kick snare combo tougher than combo from Ryu in Street Fighter. “Plastik Sea” all the same but on a lighter note. By definition what I would consider a healthy roller, is Plastik Sea. Pure Jungle Techno business and proof that music does not have to be complex in order for it to sound good. Big on Natty Dub for seeing this release through, I really look forward to what more SUV has to offer. Out Now!

Plastik Sea – Natty Dub – NATTY038

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