Synergy – Arkana [Eatbrain]

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Tunes

A merger years in the making. Concept Vision and Segment arrive in 2017 with their new alias, Synergy. “Helion”, their debut EP on Eatbrain, continues the duos onslaught of forward thinking, balanced dancefloor sound. “Arkana” is a tune clearly positioned for dancefloor mayhem. With a vibe reminiscent of The Upbeats, Synergy communicates their potential as well as their position in parallel with veteran heroes of the genre.

“Arkana” opens with an epic sci-fy laden soundscape. Intensity and a mood of desperation is prominent as the first dance section rushes in. Punchy drums and a tactfully distorted bassline carries the mood while creating a perfect dancefloor atmosphere. Arrangement variation through the measures maintains the listeners focus and will keep the dancefloor hooked from section to section.

“Arkana” is one of five fantastic and versatile tunes on the Helion EP. From forward thinking halftime to more traditionally influenced bangers, many dimensions are captured. Be sure to look out for whats next from Synergy as they are sure to continue to impress with their innovative dancefloor sound.

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