SyRan ‘Guitar Dub/Emissary’ [RAM Records]

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Reviews, Tunes

The Ransome brothers of SyRan are a force to be reckoned with pumping out the most furious tracks with a sound and style all their own. Landing on RAM Records in 2019 with their ‘Paradigm EP’ it’s only gotten more intense as they continue to cultivate their unique sound for the drum and bass world. “Guitar Dub” and “Emissary” have just dropped gaining major attention from the top names in the game, including both tracks getting airtime on Radio 1’s Drum & Bass Show with Rene Lavice this week. A precise blend of old school vibes with modernized sounds let’s jump into SyRan’s release and see what the hype is all about!

Soft pads and airy atmospherics kick off “Guitar Dub” floating feathery through the build as the strings cut through fiercely establishing a melody in tandem with the beat. Colossal vibes enhance the mood with a slight hint of nostalgia flowing through the harmony as we pummel into the drop. Groovy melodies glide from the guitar as the bassline bellows, tumbles and growls through the measures with enough force to explode the floor into a furious frenzy. The symphonic highs harmonize with ultimate energy boosting the mood as they cry in reply to that booming bassline, the beat clean and all around technically sound. The second drop brings a vicious variation to the composition making “Guitar Dub” a lot of fun to get creative with in the mix, a track bursting with power from every angle it’s clear why all eyes are on this mystifying masterpiece from SyRan.

“Emissary” glides in with soft beats laying the foundation for the build, thickening as they approach the drop with soft synths in accompaniment. A quick vocal sample, ‘one time’, spins into the first bar with a barrage of beats surging fluidly in a soothing rhythmic flow. The highs twinkle as the pads balance the energy. A relentless bassline vibrates vicariously as it dips, dives, growls and groans moving and morphing through the measures carrying “Emissary” to new heights. Impressive sound design from SyRan pulls endless elements into this composition with impressive sound design, colorful beat patterns and next level production techniques.

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