T.H.U.G. – Blade [Innerground Records]


Hello fellow DnB heads!! It’s Monday, that means i’m on deck! This week i’m going back to Innerground Records as they bring Blade to the table with the T.H.U.G. release. Now, Blade has actually been around for some time. The Italian started with House music back the early 90’s and never looked back. He owns two labels out of Mexico, Cavernjatt Records and Playa Muisc. Blade pretty much produces everything from what i’m seeing; House, Downtempo, Breaks, Electronic, Nu-Disco and he does have some other Drum and Bass tracks out on other labels. Beatport has this marked T.H.U.G. both as Exclusive and Hype and has hundreds of other tracks out on countless labels.
So the first track, and name of the album, is T.H.U.G. and this track took me back. It has that old school feel to it. It sounds very much sounds like Innerground. It has this cool rewind sample throughout the track that sounds great and is used differently at points in the track. This has some funk to it. Deep rolling bass pulls this track together.
Valentine is the next track and this one is soulful. It feel like a liquid track blended with some Drum and Bass. That soothing rolling melody and the sample vocals really tie this one together. It is smooth but yet bangs right along. The snare and the changes used with the snare are great and the rhythm of the drums take me back. I feel it almost could be a VIP track.
King closes it out for Blade. This one is a soulful roller. It’s a great mix to be honest. It holds hints of liquid, a deep punishing bassline and again with that old school feel with the rhythm of the drums that brings in the DnB flavor.
I really enjoyed what Blade and Innerground records brought us with T.H.U.G. It’s soulful, funky, hard, rhythmic and has Innerground all over it! I hope to see Blade produce more drum and bass in the future.

El Conquistador


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