T-Phonic + Sense + Ed Solo + Yush – Junglist Murder/Vanished Without A Trace [Technique Recordings]


This week we get some serious heat from Jungle Cakes. Teaming up together veterans T-Phonic and Sense. With T-Phonic’s bombastic and power sound design that have been heard from banger such as Reflections with Deadman, and the dreamy sound of Sense, the duo have produced some a number of slammers such as their recent Junglist Murderer/Vanished Without A Trace single out of Technique Recordings. This week though, we see the boys team up the rudeboy Yush to bring a special single of Good Vibes EP.

Good Vibes is full of good meaty bass. With a snappy snare and a well rounded kick, this track is enveloped with juicy bass. Accompanied by singing brass that evokes images of the Caribbean and choice lyrical work, this ties up perfectly together and will get you grooving to it no time. The EP contains two versions of Good Vibes: the vibe mix and tribe mix, where the differences can be found in their intros. The vibe mix opens up with the hook in true reggae fashion, starting with some tasteful bass, guitar,chords, and brass mixing with the vocals before switching to full on drum and bass at the end of drum fill. The tribe mix lives up to its name, with a hypnotic tribal kick pattern that builds the mood, with those same reggae tones found before it drops into some sweet roller vibes. Its perfect for whether you want to open your set up or blend this track into another, both versions are for you.

If that wasn’t enough, Ed Solo is on remix duties and boy does he knock this out of the park. With strong steady drums with that reggae feel, Ed Solo gets the vibe right on the money. The track does really move into overdrive with the a nice buzzing baseline that harkens back to that classic jump up sound while still getting that Good Vibes feeling from the original. It clicks together a perfect way that will get you stepping to it in no time.

Good Vibes EP is a tasty treat for your crate and for the soon coming summer drives. It provides that perfect junglist sound with modern sensibilities for your sets, speakers, and headphones.


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