Taelimb – Pegasus EP [Demand Records]

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Tunes

Taelimb is back with another EP filled with his visceral sound that explores everything from soul wrenching melodies to the filthiest growls of bass imaginable. He has proven himself a master over time, with releases on Demand Records, Flexout Audio, Rebel Music, and more. This latest outing has him back over at Demand Records with the Pegasus EP, and his unique vibes are stamped all over every track.

The title track, “Pegasus,” starts everything out with ominous atmospherics and the boom of the kick drum, slowly building up until the deep howl of the bass rises up. When the drop hits, it hits with the force of a sledgehammer. The drum pattern is a broken beat that syncopates creatively with the ethereal nature of the rest of the elements, making this a well-crafted exploration of the deep side of DnB; one that showcases its ability to blend both the light and dark elements of the genre into a single track.

“Gimme More” strikes next. This track is a true heater, from its subterranean bass tones to the way he mutates a very recognizable sample for his own ends. It wastes no time in throwing you around like a rag doll: using some earth shattering basslines with a surging sensation built into its progression, the cymbal section changing up ever so slightly to create that warp speed effect, and the FX which creep around to create the high levels of tension that get methodically released.

Taelimb is out for blood, and the relentless drum patterns all over “Cork Screw” are a testament to this. The throbbing bassline in the beginning of the song is intensely overwhelming, with the wild drums only exacerbating the effect. Throwing his trademark distorted bass into the mix, it evokes that feeling when you keep thinking something nightmarish is right behind you but can never turn around in time to see it. It’s a ferocious track that you will certainly find it hard to get enough of.

Closing the EP out is “Black Mould.” Showcasing his love and expertise with the amen break, he crafts a deceptively simple tune that effortlessly blends the smooth jazz influence with the dark side of the genre. The rolling bassline is distorted yet also surprisingly soothing, while the raucous drums drive you further and further into the deep reaches of them mind. It’s the perfect closing to the album, as it blends everything else on the album and brings it altogether into a satisfying finish.

Taelimb always deliver boundary pushing material, and is only getting better at blending far reaching elements into a cohesive whole. Don’t miss out on this stellar release, out now on all major platforms.

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