Take The Trip EP – Peyote Buttons [SPUN]

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Tunes

Happy Monday…and the first Monday of 2020! To kick off 2020 i found a new label and producer. We are going to go over Peyote Buttons new EP out on Spun Recordings called Take the Trip. Now, I couldn’t find too much on Peyote Buttons or Spun. per the catalog number this appears to be the 11th release.
The first track is the title of of the EP, Take the Trip. This track feels dark right out the gate. It drops into some heavy bass and a nice rolling beat. It has this hint of old school flavor to it. The breakdowns are smooth and add a flair to the track.
How Dare You is up next. Peyote Buttons keeps with the dark feel. The voice feels almost exactly the same as the voice sample in the first track but longer speech on this track then the last. It has this tech step feel to it that I kinda dig. Break downs again give it this old school feel to it.
Last up on this EP is I Want You to Panic. This track I feel had the highest energy out of all 3. Peyote Buttons kept that darker feel going but as I said this is a high energy track. Nice use of the highs, this has almost a Neurofunk feel to it with how the highs are used. The rolling bass is very attractive on this track as well.
Overall I enjoyed the Take the Trip EP. I have a few tracks these would blend nicely with. The dark old school feel on this EP is nostalgic. Deep, heavy bass along with the quick breakdowns throughout the tracks add to the dark feel but give these tracks a high energy to them as well. I hope to see more dark heavy high energy beats from Peyote Buttons and SPUN in 2020!!


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