Tally G For Day Dream Tally G

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Mixes

Tally G For Day Dream

The Vanguard Project: Losing Track of Time [Fokuz Recordings]
Zero T: Jazz Tone [Sofa Sound]
Nvrsoft, Sofia: Like It [Audioporn]
Artsea: The Retreat
Monty, Visages: Vibin’ [1985 Music]
J Psychic: Rough Diamond [Four Corners]
Calculon/Carl Matthes: Tide Pool [Liquid Drops]
The Drift Part II (pyxis Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]
Echo Brown: Conversations [Shogun Audio]
BCee: Rain [Fokuz Recordings]
GLXY: Priya [Shogun Audio]
Acris: Prayer [Deep Within Recordings]
Leniz: Regrets [Four Corners]
Meen: Discovery [Live History Records]
Bloom & Voitech: Panorama [Lizplay Records]
Gest: Reverence [Shogun Audio]
Blue Mar Ten: Butterflies And Moths [Goodlooking Records]
Halogenix: Idgaf [Critical Music]
Alb: Evolver [RAM Records]
Jen Symmetry: We Stay [forthcoming]
Alibi: Life Goes On [Liquid V]
Leniz & Painted Skies: Let Me Love You Once More [Galacy]
Charli Brix: Afraid Of Love (Ft. En-vy) [Flexout Audio]
Athena: Next Door Reality [Goldfat Records]
Visages: Ace of Spades [1985 Music]
Waeys: Familiar Face [Critical Music]
Motiv: Jupiter [Celsius Recordings]
Royalston: People On The Ground (feat. Hannah Joy) (Anile Remix) [Hospital Records]
Reknek: LoveJoy [Citate Forms]

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