Tantrum Desire – ‘Blue Moon EP’ [Technique Recordings]


Tantrum Desire tracks are some of the most coveted in drum and bass distinctively riding the line between absolute neurofunk banger and smooth dance floor anthems time after time. The forthcoming Blue Moon EP on Technique Recordings is no doubt going to follow that stigma with two singles already surfacing building the buzz for the next stack of selections from Tantrum Desire, the producer everyone craves.

“Shimmy” is our first taste from the Blue Moon EP wiggling its way onto dance floors and into festivals heating things up around the globe this summer in serious Technique fashion. Light, airy synths play through the intro as we spiral upwards wrapped in a smooth, warm, rhythmic beat building the groove higher steady to the drop “Shimmy” is the right track to slip in the mix to hold the dance floor vibe while riding on the heavier neurofunk sounds to open the door to spin the set in any direction.

No doubt “Shimmy” hit hard and is a tough single to follow but “Step to the Sound” Ft. Nuklear is set to attack with an all out assault from the second the first note drops. Sirens blare in high alert with precisely timed effects to enhance the mood as Nuklear blasts in with the bars; tough and confrontational the warning has been issued and echoes through as we encounter the monster drop. Unrelenting the bass hits rough and tough bouncing through severely broken beats and hints of vocal effects accented accordingly amidst grungy basslines that stretch and crank the motion full throttle. The vocals are pleasing yet confined; Nuklear’s hooks are aptly placed to allow the track to breathe in the mix and amp up the attitude of “Step to the Sound” to the ultimate level.

The EP wraps up with two more tantalizing tracks and here’s a sneak peek of what else you can expect from Tantrum Desire’s ‘Blue Moon’.

“Zealous” packs an ultrasonic punch with a rocking vibe kicking off bouncy and bubbly with the highs riding between electrifying synths that supply a filthy twist as the snares fire up and roll through the build. Hit hard with menacing force on a delayed drop, broken and jumpy, “Zealous” bellows deep and robotic to force movement from all avenues as it consumes the floor. When the beat kicks back it grinds vigorously as the bass bounces along topped up with some tight rolls and erratic samples. “Zealous” is a unique taste from the heavier side of Tantrum Desire as he continues to push his production to new levels and set the standards for the future of drum and bass.

The title track from the EP “Blue Moon” is ready to lift off and carry the rave away to another universe entirely in true Tantrum Desire dance floor style. Engulfed in euphoric ecstasy the intro builds softly, slowly, becoming more intent as we reach the drop. Deep, rolling bass grooves as the beat flows with big rolls building to new dimensions. “Blue Moon” is that smooth Tantrum Desire dance floor anthem we’re looking for. Perfect to mix and blend this one will keep the crowd captivated and yearning for more.

‘Blue Moon EP’ from Tantrum Desire is no doubt another showcase of this drum and bass producer’s vast amount of talent and ability when it comes to producing top quality tracks to appease the masses. This release ebbs and flows across the spectrum of neruofunk drum and bass and will bring new life to your sets. “Shimmy” and “Step to the Sound” featuring Nuklear are available on Beatport now from Technique Recordings with a full release scheduled for August 19.

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