Tantrum Desire – Nationwide Rocker EP [TECHNIQUE]

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Tunes

Tantrum Desire, on an imaginary list of top ten inspirations to why I make noise the way I do. Easily in my top five but I dislike comparing talent. With massive releases on Technique and World Wide Audio alike. Body Shots being my all time favorite next up would be Higher. Big big release, not one club anthem. Pure dance floor vibes on this one.

Ironically enough just in time for this EP to land on digital outlets I recently added those Body Shot and Higher tunes to my wallet! Nationwide Rocker EP, Tantrum Desire’s fresh take on current Drum & Bass, staying true to the Tantrum sound, BIG FAT DRUM WITH A BIG FAT BASSLINE. Airhead has taken a beating on my latest radio show programs on Hush.FM as well as Frictions BBC Radio 1’s program.

With Airhead being my top pick from this entire release, it sounds as close as I could get to that that old Tantrum Desire feel. Anarchist featuring Rhymestar comes in second. Leaving the rest of this release up to you to rate. If I could rate each tune individually I would but for now…

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