Tantrum Desire ‘Rhythm’ [Technique Recordings]

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Bringing it back to Technique this week with the scorching single “Rhythm” from Tantrum Desire to sizzle through your summer sets! We all know Tantrum Desire knows is a master at bringing an intensely welcoming vibe and this might be the most dazzling display of those talents yet! Let’s get right into the “Rhythm”!


A soothing cinematic groove swirls to life; Tantrum Desire knows how to set the mood just right; ‘this is the “Rhythm” of the night”. An iconic rave sample brings the beat into the build with a hand clapping, food stamping pattern sure to entice the crowd to get involved, sparkling in the night bursting with delightful energy as it engulfs the floor in a warm sensation of sound. The sample repeats kicking up the intensity in the high end as the drop grows near smoothly rolling to a perfect climax before things really start to pop off! Thundering basslines bubble and boom holding the mood in this dance floor banger with a delicately decided “Rhythm” that will keep the room bouncing with the tune. An expert at composition Tantrum Desire slips the effects and samples into the perfect places holding the integrity of the broken beat pattern without being overly zealous every as every single bit slides in pristine perfection you’re not going to want to miss this! A perfect pick for those prime time festival slots or to turn it up in the club Tantrum Desire’s “Rhythm” will get the job done!

Grab Tantrum Desire’s “Rhythm” out now on Technique Recordings. CLICK HERE



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