Tantrum Desire ‘The Flow EP Pt.1’ [Technique Recordings]


Tantrum Desire is bringing the heat back to Technique this week with ‘The Flow EP Pt.1’ and it is OVERflowing with three super crispy tracks full of power and funk to take your sets to the next level! Let’s get right into Tantrum Desire’s ‘The Flow EP. Pt.1’.


Highs fire through the build formulating a rhythm, smooth and slow as it glides through warm pads to entice “The Flow”. Vocals rise to life as the beat builds on enchanting the track with intensity as it grows to the drop. “The Flow” unwinds into a groovy, dancefloor friendly track that meanders through the measures with its steady energy and thick, booming sound. Welcoming a bit of a darker vibe to Tantrum Desire’s style the lows hold control with the highs sprinkled elegantly t o punch up the power. Rhythmic and fluid “The Flow” is sure to get the dance floor to grow.


Next up Tantrum Desire revisits “The Arena” in this ultra amplified variation in production. A similar structure sparks a familiar tone seducing the suspense as the warmness engulfs the build. The drop leaves little recollection to the original pulling out bits and bobs to whip and smack through a fresh track as forceful horns volley with aggressive basslines that boom, bounce and break to consume the floor. Angry amens riddle “The Arena VIP” bringing the jungle flavor full score with punchy percussive elements and intelligent patterns all arranged into a master composition with extreme attention to detail as Tantrum Desire delicately devises a weapon of mass destruction for the dance floor.


Mystery lingers thickly in the air building upon swirling synths that are arranged daintily among faint beats as “Maleficent” readies to strike. Electrifying beats begin to whip and slash prowling toward the destructive drop as they wind ferociously broken by wicked words of welcome: ‘Come on in, I’ve been waiting for you’… Seductively swindled there is no escape as the composition surges into a nefarious melee of face smashing neurofunk. Crisp kicks snap playfully between elastic basslines punching and throbbing through the mix. “Maleficent” compliments plenty of tracks in the mix and skyrockets the energy to new dimensions in the dance. You’ll want to add this one to your summer setlists and beyond!

Tantrum Desire’s ‘The Flow EP Pt.1’ is out now on Technique Recordings. Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass we’ll keep you in the loop on upcoming Pt. 2 and so much more!


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