Task Horizon – Attack Formation [Overtech]

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Tunes

The legend that is Task Horizon is back from hiatus with a big tune on Overtech Music. Over the past few years the level of skill to make a dent in the music scene has become greatly more difficult. Producers Task Horizon have made the cut bringing some of the most creative and wild Drum & Bass we have heard. Hailing from Switzerland the legendary Trio combines some of the most theatrical and raw elements of sound design to the table. This time around is no different.

Their contribution to the Overtech Prototype LP is nothing short of incredible. Their tune “Attack Formation” starts off with highly futuristic and technology induced tones bringing you into the future. You can picture yourself in a scene in a movie as the tension builds and the sounds of powerful kicks and winding synths fly into to the drop. Attack formation drops into a action packed funnel of wildly designed reese bass and skillfully programmed hammer like percussion. The tune breaks into a brief period of calmness followed by animatronic voices that lead into the next drop throwing the tune back into kick , snare formation.

Overall this tune for me is my favorite off the album which was very hard to choose from. The entire Prototype LP is seriously next level through and through. This is one of those releases that will stand the test of time to come with every cut on it being incredibly well produced. The Prototype LP is out now on Overtech Music check it out for yourself!

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