Task Horizon – Disintegrate (Burr Oak remix) [Evolution Chamber]

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Task Horizon – Disintegrate (Burr Oak remix) [Evolution Chamber]

Welcome once again my drum and bass friends. We have yet another fresh release to share! Today we have an inside look on Task Horizon – Disintegrate (Burr Oak remix) [Evolution Chamber]! Burr Oak offers us some details about this destructive banger. These two artists’ styles on one track is a force to be reckoned with. Beefing up the ever growing Evolution Chamber label. Burr Oak continues to drop fire every where they can. This track provides us with exactly what you would expect! Now let’s get into the Q and A with the talented producers below!



Q & A with Burr Oak


Q: Burr Oak tracks always come with a backstory. Is there a story behind being approached for your remix?

A: We first took the essence of the original track. Which is pure madness and follows what we love in music. So we clearly decided to stay industrial as the original one is. Cold music with warm flavors.

Q: How much of the original track is incorporated into the remix?

A: We used most of the sounds from the original. Then crushed it in our signature sound treatment. That helped us to drive our story. Next we took even more freedom on the second part. Where it becomes more epic and mystical with the choirs. As the track is called Disintegrate, we pushed it until the blast limit.

Q: Will there be a Burr Oak original track released on Evolution Chamber in the future?

A: We have our collaboration with Magnetude in the works. Right now it’s having an update. We started to work on it a years and a half ago. We really love the energy and the story telling in it.

Q: The distinctive Burr Oak sound is heard in all of your tracks. How do you achieve it in simple terms?

A: We think with the years doing music both I (Ju) & Niko, it’s something we can’t control. At the end it’s our ears that decide if we love the overall sound. And our minds if it fits in our world. So the thing is that each track we produce as Burr Oak are connected with each other. Even if it’s not going on the same label. It happens when the project starts to become an entity in its own right.

Q: When is the next Burr Oak release?

A: We’ve just released our collaboration with Pythius & Rhode on Blackout. We’re very happy with. And we both have solo EPs coming very soon (The Clamps and Opsen on Kosenprod). Then we also have a few Forum stuff ready too! There is lots of new Burr Oak is already done. Though it’s still not scheduled yet.



Disintegrate catapults listeners into a mesmerizing steppy universe that seamlessly blends the core essence of Task Horizon’s original masterpiece and the French duos recognizable sound. Task Horizon – Disintegrate (Burr Oak remix) [Evolution Chamber] is out now! Check out the link here to purchase and stream this massive tune!

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