Task Horizon – Respawned: Legacy (Ekwols Remix) / Drowning In Fire (Malux Remix) [Evolution Chamber]

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Hello and welcome to more of the latest drum and bass! Today we share the fifth installment of the Respawned series by Task Horizon. Task Horizon – Respawned: Legacy (Ekwols Remix) / Drowning In Fire (Malux Remix) [Evolution Chamber] is out now! Anticipation is building with every installment of the Respawned LP. Now Ekwols and Malux give is the next piece of the LP pie. Both Ekwols & Malux have been strong artists on the Evolution Chamber roster. Amassing an impressive remixing history between them which includes ihsetiK, Keaton & Hive, Noisia, Camo & Krooked & Mefjus, and Billain. Putting in work left and right with no signs of stopping, they’re becoming familiar names in the game and we are here for more.

Legacy / Drowning

Legacy and Drowning In Fire is originally featured on Task Horizon’s highly praised Raised By Robots EP. Having been released in 2020, both tracks are known for their captivating blend of musical and industrial hard-hitting sounds. This made them ideal candidates for Ekwols and Malux to showcase their remixing skills on.

Legacy (Ekwols Remix)

Ekwols’ remix of Legacy takes listeners on a pulsating yet emotive journey. An epic journey at that. Energy building leads soar high across the bass creating an enthralling experience. Paying homage to the original composition while incorporating Ekwols’ unmistakable fusion of musicality and dance-floor energy.

Drowing in Fire ( Malux Remix)

Malux’s remix of Drowning In Fire introduces a fresh twist as it transforms the original track into a rhythmic steppy roller. This ones a creeper. Flaunting ear stimulating hair raising sound design. A track that has a modern drum and bass sound yet carries the weight of heavier styles. Seamlessly blending with Task Horizon’s original opus and the production maestros’ distinguishable sound.


Task Horizon – Respawned: Legacy (Ekwols Remix) / Drowning In Fire (Malux Remix) [Evolution Chamber] was released on the 16th and is available here

As the highly anticipated release of the complete Respawned LP draws nearer there are still several chapters waiting to unfold before the full album is revealed.

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