Task Horizon: Respawned 2nd Installment [Evolution Chamber]

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Once again we are sharing some fresh drum and bass! Today we continue to reveal the second part of Task Horizon: Respawned – Inner Worlds (Joe Ford Remix)/Flame Fetish VIP [Evolution Chamber]. We also have a word from Joe Ford himself in some Q and A. Lets go!

Task Horizon: Respawned – Inner Worlds (Joe Ford Remix)/Flame Fetish VIP [Evolution Chamber]

Respawned represents Task Horizon’s careful selection of a diverse group of outstanding artists. Spanning the Drum & Bass spectrum to reinterpret their discography. This project melds Task Horizon’s original creations with the distinctive artistic expressions of each chosen producer. Breathing new life into every track and offering fresh perspectives.

Among Task Horizon’s other standout tracks, Inner Worlds and Flame Fetish have undergone remarkable transformations. Joe Ford has taken on the remix duties for Inner Worlds. Delivering a melodious sonic journey that pays tribute to Task Horizon’s original brilliance. Then infusing it with his unmistakable flawless sound design and energy. Meanwhile, Task Horizon’s VIP remix of Flame Fetish propels listeners into a dynamic realm. Weaving in and out while maintaining the core essence of their original masterpiece. Bringing it up to contemporary production standards. Prepare yourself for what’s next in the Respawned series! More exciting developments on the horizon.

Q & A with Joe Ford

Q: Joe Ford on Evolution Chamber I love it. Let us know what it’s like to work with the label.

A: My experience so far with EC has been exactly what you would always hope for when looking for a home for your music. The guys there are all on the same page, super driven, and really chill. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Q: How long have you been producing drum and bass?

A: I started producing when I was around 16 or so. I got into Drum and Bass after a few years of messing around with Dubstep. So it’s been like 14 years… man, time is flying, and I’m feeling kind of old!

Q: Which producer, artist or group would you say has influenced you the most?

A: Within Drum and Bass I’d probably say Spor. I absolutely idolized that guy’s productions for years and years. Some of his best stuff is still unbeaten in my opinion. And then there’s Noisia… I don’t think there’s any need to explain why they’re right up there too!

Q: What is your favorite sub genre of drum and bass aside from Neuro?

A: I’m into all sorts of drum and bass to be honest. It more comes down to the vibe and quality of individual tracks for me. Not so much the specific subgenre. I can’t even pick just one other sub-genre to be honest.

Q: Will there be a Joe Ford album any time soon?

A: I wouldn’t want to say soon, but I’ve got a ton of stuff in the works, trust me!


Task Horizon: Respawned – Inner Worlds (Joe Ford Remix)/Flame Fetish VIP [Evolution Chamber] is available now find it here to stream and purchase!


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