Taxman – It Comes at Night [Playaz Recordings]


No soundboy can deny Taxman on his latest Playaz Recordings release, “It Comes at Night”.

Mean, aggressive and dark. No doubt, this is a banger through and through that will light up the dance. Selectors, make sure this one is in your Rekordbox folder. To put it lightly, steppers will be skanking and faces will be melted. In other words, gunfingers will be drawn and nans will be slapped. All hail the Taxman for this blessing of a tune. At the end of the day, this absolute legend is doing what he does best.

Classic, high-energy jump up sound with no filler. An ode to the old and new. The bassline booms and bounces with an attitude that beckons you to the dance floor. Meanwhile, crispy percussion lines and intermittent break shuffles make way for a funky B section that really develops towards the end.

Taxman has done it again. “It Comes at Night” is living proof that this sound is here to stay and we can’t wait to hear more!

Taxman – “It Comes at Night” from Playaz Recordings is available now on all online music outlets!


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