Tech Itch – Destiny and Purpose VIP [Tech Itch Recordings]

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Tunes

For 19 years Mark Caro AKA Tech Itch has been pushing his sound and vision with out compromise or apology. The latest release on his own imprint continues that vision as he offers up a VIP of Destiny & Purpose. This VIP starts off with his signature intros featuring eerie sci-fi pads and haunting vocals that lead up to a simple tech step break and an almost robotic voice repeating “Destiny” and “Purpose” as a tight filtered mid range bass line works its way in as the main section unfolds into a spot on slab of pure tech step funk with a sound that is modern but loaded with that classic Tech Itch feel. The atmospherics have the signature Caro snarl and distortion perfectly balanced with breaks that keeps you moving as this one rolls out.

On a personal level, I am glad to see a song over 5 minutes long, with the main body of the song not even hitting its stride until about two and half minutes in. The world is better off when there are longer Drum and bass tunes in them if ya ask me, and this one hits the mark!

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