Teddy Killerz & Audio – Bugs [RAM]

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Tunes

The undeniable force that is Teddy Killerz team up with some of their psychotic friends to form the #KILLERSQUAD. The Killer Squad is composed of Teddy Killerz, June Miller, Counterstrike, Audio, Icicle, and Gridlok. This team of some of Drum and Bass’s crack pot scientists and super villains are here to bring you the hardest EP of the summer.

Under investigation today is “Bugs” the suspects Teddy Killerz and Audio are still at large. Bugs starts off with a bang as hard kicks and weighty horn is heard in the background. A laser sharp synth lead rips into the sound scape paving way for a vocalized robotic synth shouting as the tune picks up. Inaudible samples make there voice heard before being taken over by the drop. Bugs jumps into a fierce steppy monster crushing all that is laid before it. High pitched ascending synths cut into the as bone crunching percussion leaves no survivors. The tune switch’s up into a high energy action chase scene before jumping back into the break. Alien esque computer sounds are heard before the second drop brings a surprise switch up of style and otherworld vocals samples are heard yet again but not to be distinguished.

The Killersquad is a force of nature that is not to be taken lightly. This one for me is one of my favorite tunes this month and has been getting the rinse. With collaborations like this you are certainly going to hear these ones for a while. The #KILLERSQUAD EP is out now on RAM Records be sure to check it out!

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