Teddy Killerz – Ghosts [EATBRAIN119]


So here we have it! The latest release on Neurofunk’s Premier Label; Eatbrain! I always wait with anticipation as to what is coming next on one of the strongest labels in the industry and this one is one to get excited about from the resident trio of Teddy Killerz – Ghosts.

The title track ‘Ghosts’ has a seriously spooky and atmospheric into with claps to drive the beat through with some additional drums akin to 80’s movies and then a synth comes in which definitely screams 80’s horror building you into the breakdown before the drop. All goes virtually silent but a dark reece lets you know this is going to be something heavy, especially with the creepy vocal saying “I think everyone wonders what they would do if they saw a ghost” which trails off into and even darker reece and a child’s whisper. The bongos then build the tune up to the drop which is heavy hitting and let’s you know who is in charge in typical Teddy Killerz style. The snare in this tune is unreal as it smacks you across the face on every beat. If you were a ghost, you’d be in Dr Venkman’s trap with Slimer before you knew it. The breakdown is just as spooky as the intro and the second drop is equally as punishing as the first, although this time you have an added stutter at the end of the bar which increases the intensity of the tune all round.

The flip of this single is ‘Final Boss’ which seems to continue the spooky feel of the other track, with the intro being a bit more mellow but deep and meaningful as you perhaps find yourself tracking through the last corridors of a haunted mansion before the final boss of a challenging computer game. Suddenly the doors open at the end of the corridor and you see the final boss standing at the back of a room, turning their head towards you as your legs shake in your boots as the piecing siren hits you. As the boss runs towards you the intro hits a crescendo and you have to fight. “Come get some!” Calls out on the drop and a real stomper drops onto your soul like a special move. The first 16 are like you being punished by the boss while you work out how to deal with it and then as you learn the bosses moves and weaknesses the second 16 shows you fighting back. The breakdown is the boss going into submission but powering up to come back at you even stronger with the second drop again taking its toll on you as you ry your hardest to fight back again. The fight is nearly over as you manage to suppress the boss and you deal the final blow as all goes calm as you can finally breathe again.

An excellent release by Teddy Killerz and one to be played loud! I look forward to the next offering from the Eatbrain camp.

Release date: 19th March 2021

Pre-Order here:  https://www.beatport.com/release/ghosts/3317730








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