Teddy Killerz – Hellblade EP – [Eatbrain]

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Tunes

There is a new EP hitting the airwaves today. EatBrain and Teddy Killerz have teamed up once again to bring you Hellblade.  Teddy Killerz need no introduction, especially if you are a Drum and Bass enthusiast, with their signature fast beats and legendary drops, they are a certainly a staple in the Jump Up and Nuerofunk realms. The title track on this EP,  Borovika has the in- your -face snares with layers upon layers of synths that are the typical Teddy Killerz sound and Eatbrain moniker. The next song Bonkerz is a fun song that has a lot of jumpy synths and different noises blended into the song itself and has a simple vocal that says “Oh God Damn” – and this statement is exactly perfect for this tune! The next song Reptile comes with a bit of a softer sound, and it hangs more on a funky neuro vibe then the rest of the tracks on the EP, but a great tune non the less.  Machine Heart is the last track on the EP and it takes a noticeable break beat turn with some overlay of jazz and smooth sounds, a song that takes a diverge from their signature sound, but well crafted and enjoyable to listen to. I can guarantee that this EP will be a staple on the dance floors for the 2018 festival season that is approaching. Be sure to follow Teddy Killerz on Facebook.

This EP will be dropping worldwide on April 16th but can be found exclusively on Beatport today.

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