Teddy Killerz – Monkey Kingdom [RAM]

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Tunes

The Russian trio responsible for unleashing countless bangers into the wild in the past few years is gearing up for world domination with this full throttle bar fight of a release on RAM records. Teddy Killerz over the course of 5 years have solidified their place in the realm of heavy drum and bass music consistently raising the bar with over the top sound design and theatrics. They have recently collaborate with some of the biggest heavy weight producers in the drum and bass realm with their ” Killer Squad ” EP. With and album on the horizon for them they fired this hefty cannon of power into the world.

Monkey Kingdom starts out with an epic show of force featuring deep and chugging horns backed with hard kick drums and a piano chords in the foreground. The atmosphere is set thick with jungle animals making noise in the background. As the jungle noises cut a scientific vocal sample is brought into play leading into most noticeably     ” THE MONKEY KINGDOM ”  being chanted with bouncing leads along. Quick and lazing arpeggiating lead synths cut through the thick soundscape as the drop is laid on brutally slamming into thick and chugging voluminous bass stabs destroying all in their path like a pack of crazed apes. The tune switches into full overdrive as gritty full time percussion and laser sharp lead synths send shivers down your spine into the break.

Give it a listen for yourself!

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