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Eatbrain continues to dominate at the forefront of neurofunk drum and bass riding the momentum from 2019 and beyond they are stomping into 2020 furiously and the latest EP incoming from Teddy Killerz is no exception to this rule. The ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP is stacked with 4 killer tracks pounding the most brutal basslines between beastly breaks with an overall premonition of darkness and despair just as the title suggests. Let’s take a closer look at what fuels these perceptions as we dive deeper into the madness of Teddy Killerz ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP on Eatbrain.

“Shinjuku” featuring MC Cardz opens up the ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP with a dark and dismal exotic vibe. An atmospheric intro breaks into a tribal rhythm while electrifying basslines shatter the tranquil motion as the drums pound furiously to the drop. Full of filth yet maintaining a tinge of the tribal twist “Shinjuku” is a hefty number with pulsing drum lines breaking between deep, dirty bass pulling forth the familiar Teddy Killerz sound. MC Cardz offers a sinister snippet on the vocal which is sparse but powerful adding to the overall intensity of “Shinjuku.

Entering with intensity “Close My Eyes” immediately alerts to the demons that lurk in the back of the mind. The vocal cuts deep ‘close my eyes… thinking I’m alright’ resonating with the violent vibe that engulfs the ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP entirely. Melodramatic with a somber twist building frantically to an erratic drop as the beat pulses over a warping bassline that bends and twists into the darkness. The vocal carries among the volatile beats breaking to and fro as the bass swings to a temperamental twist resonating with the evil within. “Close My Eyes” is full of powerful emotion to bring out the explosive moodiness of this track. Push play once and you’ll instantly crave more, the Teddy Killerz have created a tempestuous track with this one, my personal favorite from the ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP.

The title track “Negative Thoughts” delves even deeper into the fragile state of the mind feverishly calling forth the violent emotion that drives this EP full force. Driving in despair with a light vocal snippet “Negative Thoughts” quickly drops into the deep dark depths of neurofunk drum and bass with threatening basslines plunging further into the darkness amidst a funky broken beat amplified with complexity. A clean tune to mix Teddy Killerz’ “Negative Thoughts” is perfect to boost the gloom in the nastiest set and spin the floor straight into the matrix.

“Magic 8” follows suit with the rest of the ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP as another murky track with mercurial tendencies. Extra filthy as Teddy Killerz do “Magic 8” hits hard from the get go delivering hard hitting basslines and brutal beats growing with intensity as we ride through jumpy rhythms over wobbly basslines, a true monster of a tune with futuristic attributes that prove Teddy Killerz are pushing the limits when it comes to composing the freshest tunes with an innovative sound.

If the ‘Negative Thoughts’ EP is any indication of what’s to come 2020 is going to be massive for both Eatbrain and Teddy Killerz. Don’t miss out on this killer EP and be sure to keep your ears open for more!

‘Negative Thoughts’ EP is coming February 3rd pre-order your copy now on Beatport

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