Teddy Killerz – NFT Pledge


Following on from my review the other week on Teddy Killerz single on Eatbrain Ghosts/Final Boss they want to let us know about their exciting opportunity to win an auction which will give you an NFT token which will enable you to claim and collect all of their royalties for their latest single.  Sounds like a really great idea to me so grab your chance now!

Many of you heard about #NFT tokens & hype around them. A lot of things happening right now looks silly & we believe that real potential of #NFT is still unexplored.
To celebrate our new single on Eatbrain we decided to release NFT THAT HAS REAL VALUE.
The owner of token will get all artist’s income generated by “Ghosts / Final Boss” release in 2021.
It means that winner of auction who will get token will get rights to claim & collect ALL ARTIST’s ROYALTIES we would normally earn from sales & streams (on Beatport, Spotify etc).
Auction is live now on OpenSea platform & ends on 18th of April.

Link to the auction below:




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