Teddy Killerz ‘Panic Attack EP’ [Neuropunk Records]


Incoming terror from the Teddy Killerz on Neuropunk records is something to freak out for. The ‘Panic Attack EP’ is set to ambush the neurofunk scene June 30, 2020 stacked with four tracks laden with aggravated beats, absolutely bonkers basslines and tasty samples abound. We’d expect no less coming from Neuropunk Records and co-founders Teddy Killerz as they mold the future of drum and bass with their eclectic horror sounds. Let’s dive deeper into the plot of the ‘Panic Attack EP’ as we explore the madness behind this new narrative from the Teddy Killerz.

Title track “Panic Attack” winds up intensely with a barbaric build as the beat cracks in over stretching synths opening the portal for the darkest diabolical bassline to break through. Mass hysteria cuts loose at the drop as suffocating basslines consume thrashing amidst punchy, heart racing beats that tumble and turn manically running ramped to absorb the floor. Hard, heavy and mechanical “Panic Attack” is an untamed beast of a track intricately pieced together with immeasurable layers every listen reveals more.

“Can’t Stop Me” continues the tale kicking off with a sultry female vocal ‘nobody can stop me’ that echoes and warps leaving space for the snares to snap to attention amidst cranking basslines aggressively stalking the drop. A merciless powerhouse “Can’t Stop Me” pummels fearlessly with deep, grungy basslines grinding between vile horns screaming into the black depths. Teddy Killerz exhibit their supremacy in technicality when it comes to the drum line cracking and thrashing between breaks, “Can’t Stop Me” is a step above violent neurofunk drum and bass.

‘There’s no turning back now’ only halfway through the cryptic chronicle ‘Panic Attack’ perpetuates the vibe with “Augmentation”, another chapter in this savage tale of terror. A slight narrative weaving in and out of the intro sets the scene for another brutal beat down as sadistic synths sneak in stretching toward the drop. Searing bass burns between severely broken beats harboring a dangerous funky tinge as “Augmentation” is set to tear the floor apart from limb to limb.

Wrapping up the ‘Panic Attack EP’ “Shine” finishes the feature cascading to a slightly mellower vibe on a vocal heavy high as the bassline twists and flows winding wildly through a feral native tongue accentuated by fierce synths and pummeling pads that remain rude and crude to flow with the rest of the release. A sure selection to turn heads “Shine” rounds things off in a wicked way.

Teddy Killerz have murdered it once again; another unique execution from the lab of these scientists of sound. The ‘Panic Attack EP’ on Neuropunk Records is hands down loaded with the most aggressive beats, the baddest bass around and endless eccentric sounds. You won’t want to miss this one hitting all major music outlets 30.06.2020.

Tunes will be premiered on Blackout, District Bass, DnB Allstars & Darkstep Warrior YouTube channels SOON! Keep it locked!

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